Friday, August 1, 2008

Yo Yo Restaurant, Phuket, Thailand

It's funny how we found this restaurant. We were walking around trying to find authentic thai food to satisfy our monstrous cravings and when we were cautiously waiting to cross the street (as thai drivers don't give way to pedestrians), this guy came out of nowhere and bravingly gestured the speeding tuktuks to slow down so we could cross.

Lo and behold, he is the waiter for Yo Yo. So even if we still wanted to look around, we settled to eat there because of the guy's nice and clever gesture.

Anxiuosly waiting for our food hehe.

So we started off with a refreshing coconut drink. Pretty well presented for a street restaurant. The coconut meat was tender and fresh. A great way to cleanse your tastebuds to start off a meal.

I'm not sure if its thai custom to always serve these 3 sauces but everytime we ate somewhere they always did. I love the sauce on the right, the one with a lot of green and red chili on top. It was sweet, sour and spicy all rolled into one.

The chicken with ginger was ok. Tasted normal but not bad. The squid in red chilli was ultra spicy!! but the squid was tender and tasted fresh. And the portions were quite big to think it was really cheap (I think around 50baht).

The pineapple fried rice was scrumptous!!! I never knew rice could taste that good haha. There were generous portions of pineapple, chicken and cashew nuts. It was actually a meal on its own.

Finally I got to taste authentic pad thai!! This was the runaway winner! The noodles were very tasty and al dente and the seafood was abundant. This was my favorite of all the dishes. If only I could eat noodles with rice haha. Carbo load.

Overall, my yoyo experience was a rollercoaster ride of flavours. To top it all off, we only paid 500+Baht for all the dishes including the drinks. Can you believe that?! thats like 20 dollars for a thai feast. Of course we didn't get ritz-carlton ambiance but the rustic, slightly-polluted feel (haha) added to the authentic thai experience.

Here is my rating for Yo Yo:

Ambiance - 2.5
Service - 4
Food - 5
Presentation - 3
Value for Money - 5

"Live, Love & Eat!"


Ran said...

hi~ I've been there,too~
and I love that place. Low-priced, pleasant taste~~ haha.
by the way I'm Korean.
just nice post.

Ran said...
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Shan Abellaneda said...

hi Ran! thai food rocks :) keep on visiting the blog :)

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