Saturday, January 15, 2011

Project Chocolate: Patchi

I read in Anton's blog ( that Patchi Chocolate recently opened in Manila at the Bonifacio Global City, so this sparked my interest (in my big tummy) on finding the best "underground" luxury chocolate. Thus, PROJECT CHOCOLATE was born! :P

I read through several local blogs and forums and narrowed down my list to 10 luxury chocolate brands as listed below, based on rave reviews and favorites among the netizens. Luckily, all are available at Orchard Road, which as you may know is where I work at hehehe.


Where to buy: Xotiq Chocolatier - Shaw Tower
Michel Cluizel - France
Valrhona - France
Amedei - Italy

Where to buy: Takashimaya
Patchi - Lebanon (14/01/11) - 4.5/5
Godiva - Belgium
Leonidas - Belgium
Neuhaus - Belgium
Royce - Japan

Where to buy: Palais Renaissance
Teuscher -  Switzerland

Where to buy: Mandarin Gallery
Beschle Chocolatier - Switzerland
So yesterday I trooped to Takashimaya to jumpstart this project to the delight of my drooling saliva and tummy hehehe. I was initially planning to buy all the chocs in one day and do a one-shot review but I realized it would be too expensive plus I might get diabetes immediately after hahaha. So I'll just do it one at a time whenever available. That's more like it isn't it? :)

To be honest, I've never heard of Patchi until I read Anton's blog. I had no idea that such a brand of chocolate existed on this gustatory planet. And thanks to Anton for this discovery as Patchi has got to be the one of the most scrumptuous chocolates I have ever tasted! Read on...

I did some research (also known as Google haha) and learned that Patchi originated from Lebanon with 140 boutiques in over 28 countries - made from the finest ingredients and offering a wide choice of over 30 fillings. So wide the choice indeed that I had no idea which to buy so I just trusted the lady at the counter and told her to choose for me the bestsellers. 100 grams (6 pieces) costs S$14 (Php 476). I actually asked if you could buy per piece but they said they go by minimum 100 grams. Hokkaayy finnneee.

Now I totally don't know which ones I got but based on the taste, the wrapper and this website (plus the pic I took of the menu), I think I got the following:

Quatro - milk chocolate filled with gianduja, praline and almond croquant
Amandine - milk chocolate filled with gianduja and 2 sugared almonds
Rocher Noir Almonds - roasted almonds coated with smooth dark chocolate (OUR FAVORITE!!!)
Prestige - milk chocolate filled with pistachio croquant
Domino - milk chocolate filled with gianduja, praline and almond pieces
Bouche'e D'or - milk chocolate filled with gianduja

*Gianduja - ultra-smooth and creamy blend of hazelnut paste and chocolate

All I can say is Patchi is SOO SEDAP!! SHIOK!! DELICIOSO!!! The chocolate is really creamy and smooth, especially the ones which have the gianduja filling. I am quite sure though one tiny piece is a million calories with all the assorted fillings but I guess it truly is their selling point. They have so much variety which makes you want to crave for more! Definitely better than chocnut or goya! hehehe kidding. Chocnut and Goya (or Serg) will always have a special place in pinoy's tummies, or at least in mine.

My rating for Patchi:
Taste - 4.5/5
Packaging - 5/5
Value for money - 4/5
OVERALL - 4.5/5

So on to the next Chocolate!!! 9 more to go!! GULP!!!


Anonymous said...

What is the site you got the menu from? The link you listed did not work. Thanks!

Shan Abellaneda said...

sorry bout that! the link is working now :) though i noticed the menu isn't complete as some of the chocs i bought aren't included.

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