Thursday, August 21, 2008

En Route to Genting, Malaysia

My twin brother, Johann, and his Gf, Farida, plus my cousin Mike, Aileen's brother, are all in town. Haha was that confusing. So tonight we head off to Genting Highlands in Malaysia, a 6-hour coach ride from Singapore.

We will be staying at the First World Hotel, the larget hotel complex in the world with 6,118 rooms, as awarded by the Guiness Book of World Records. Guiness should also award them with the "Most Ridiculous Exterior Paint for a Hotel". Seriously, who the hell had the brilliant idea of painting it with rainbow-like colors in a disarrayed manner??!!

I am really looking foward to the Flying Coaster. In fact, this is the only ride I am looking foward to. Plus the cable car, maybe.

Wow look at that fog.. Yummy weather! Looks like "Fitness" in my blog has really taken the backseat for the meantime. Hehehe. But really, as soon as our visitors leave I will get my fat ass back in the gym :P

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