Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Four Fingers Crispy Chicken, Ion Orchard

They seriously make good great business... there is almost always a queue...
Wow, it's been quite a while since I last did a restaurant review. I normally eat the usual food on a daily basis so nothing special enough to share on this blog...

Until I met Four Fingers! :-P

I did a little bit of research (a.k.a. googling) but I still can't seem to figure out if Four Fingers is a Singaporean company (it seems like it though). Their website says 4Fingers represent 4 friends who started this fast-food "phenomenon" in Singapore when they were inspired by eateries in New York City selling korean-style fried chicken.

Now don't get confused as Four Fingers is totally different from BonChon Chicken. And I've tried the BonChon Chicken in Bugis+ and it pales in comparison to Four Fingers. Really!
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Sunday, August 26, 2012

DreamWorld Theme Park

I miss Dreamworld! Luckily, my highschool classmate Jason and his wife, Jen, were travelling to Gold Coast the same period I was, so we were able to go together. It would have been awkward to scream shriek on the rides alone haha.

Since the day I arrived was Jason and Jen's last full day, I just freshened up at the hotel then we went straight to Dreamworld. Good thing there was a shuttle from their hotel, Chevron Renaissance, to the theme park (AUD 18 each).

This is what I love in other countries that we don't have here in Singapore - long and winding highways...
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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Flying Scoot and Feeling the Vibe!

Gold Coast was awesome! I will definitely want to come back - when money is no longer an issue hahaha. Let me start my blog posts with my Scoot and Vibe experience.

The flight on the way there was at night so I didn't rent the iPad nor did I buy food on the plane. I actually forgot to take my melatonin along so I wasn't able to sleep properly on the plane. But not because of the flight experience to make it clear, I just normally couldn't sleep on planes.

My first glimpse of Scoot's plane

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Guittard Mint Chocolate Chip Pecan Wheat Cookies

Today is a happy day! :-) After 2 days and viewing 6 flats, we finally found the perfect new place! I'm not sure if I mentioned it here before but our rental contract is expiring and my cousin bought their own place so I'll be moving out with friends in less than 2 weeks. I was sort of in panic-mode already as we really only started to look 2 days ago. I'll be flying off to Australia this coming weekend then the following weekend we have to move out so I'm extremely happy we found the place just in the nick of time. AND the best of it all is that it's in Novena which is 2 mrt stations away from Orchard! :-)

So since I just stayed in tonight (it being a Saturday), I decided to make full use of the remaining days with our amazing oven and to clear the pantry. Thus, I came up with... (drum roll) Guittard Mint Chocolate Chip Pecan Wheat Cookies! Hahaha what a mouthful!
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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Prepping for Gold Coast

Crap, a little over 4 years with this blog and I've maximized the storage for photos. I honestly thought it was unlimited. I was uploading photos and I kept on getting this error message below and was hoping it was a bug. I don't know when blogger decided to start storing my photos in Picasa. Argh.

I had no choice but to purchase additional storage space lest I want to lose this blog. It's not exactly expensive but it's still freaking money that recurs every month and I seriously thought blogger is a free service entirely. Working in a software company myself, I do understand they need to start charging for storage space. BUT STILL. I'm pissed. :-P

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