Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fitness Blog #4

OK. I admit it. I have seriously taken for granted how hard it is to keep a food blog and lose weight. So now I am officially taking off Fitness. Hehe. Kidding.

Much to my regret, I gained 1.1kg.
I am at fault. I know. I have been careless lately. Plus the fact that I went on a short holiday. Not to be disheartened because I have still been going to the gym regulary. At least 2-3 times a week. I have to go more often. But I have started doing weights as well. So who knows maybe the 1.1kg are muscles?!! :P hehe

Also, I am still cutting down on white carbs especially rice. I still take my wheat sandwich to work.

Speaking about gym, (I just really have to say this) don't you just hate stinky smelly gym-goers??! I mean, yes of course, in one way or the other some, if not most people, will emit some kind of smell because IT IS a gym, for crying out loud. But some people (and I think you know who these people are) are just offensively smelly. Their smell will hit you like a punch. Upper cut right on the nose. I mean really, from 10 feet away you could smell them. Atrocious.

The first time I got here in Singapore, this is the one thing that surprised me. The city looks very clean and green but the smell, I dont think so. Everyday, during my 3-hour long journey to and fro work, the smell of "these specific people" are just really an obstacle. A lot of times it would just make me mad. I mean c'mon, its impossible they dont smell themselves right?? besides, isn't it common sense that if you don't regulary take a shower and not use deodorant then of course you will stink!?

No wonder they recently came out with a "week-long" deodorant. NO kidding. They claim this wipe-on deodorant will last a week. Yuck.

Starting Weight as of June 30 - 121 kg
Weight as of July 9 - 119.2 kg
Weight as of July 16 - 118.5 k
Weight as of August 12 - 119.6 kg

"No Pain, No Gain"


dofsarah said...

huh...that's all to ur fitness blog???...no update, no weight loss or plain lazy?? LOL..anyway losing weight and eating wisely is a lifestyle..no fast trick!..

Shan Abellaneda said...

yes i agree with you. losing weight is a lifestyle and that has been my most difficult struggle my whole life. and i admit i have been lazy and have taken it for granted :( but not to worry, as I will try my bestest to change my lazy ways this 2009.

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