Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Newfangled Musings

I seriously didn't know "Newfangled" was a word haha. I just googled synonyms for "recent" for this blog title haha.

Anyway, work and life (what's new...) has pretty much consumed my waking hours, which explains why I haven't had the time to write as much as I want to. Life has been good (which I believe is a choice no matter the circumstance) and I'm very thankful. Work has been taxing to be honest but for some reason, despite the almost-daily overtime hours, I'm very happy.

Since its past midnight and just a few more hours til I need to wake up and work the daily grind, I'll just be bull-listing (my own word for bulleted listing haha) some recent milestones:

- I successfully baked a cake! (with my cousin Aileen's help)

- As with my perpetual desire to lose weight, I switched gyms and enrolled at Fitness First. Much nearer my office though 3 times more expensive than California Fitness. With hopes that the expensive monthly fees will compel me to go to the gym regularly (which I have been recently, believe it or not)

- A good friend whom I haven't seen in at least 4 years came by for a visit from Chicago/Manila

- 3rd year anniversay :)

- My 30th Birthday!!! I always thought I would be stuck in my teens or 20's. I do somewhat feel oldER. I have been experiencing aches and pains which I never felt in my teens, which is also the reason why I enrolled in a gym again

- With another new budget airline from the Philippines (AirPhilExpress), I managed to book a relatively affordable ticket for the coming December holidays.

- I finally made my first sale at work with the help of my dearest colleagues who have really been selflessly helping me and teaching me the tricks of the trade plus the nitty gritty of HR software solutions (though I admit it hasn't been easy and im still struggling) You know who you guys are! BIG BEAR HUG FROM ME!!! :)

- My first overseas dinner & dance with my new company at Desaru, Malaysia :) I am very grateful for the wonderful people at work plus our management who really painstakingly take care of us, the employees. Imagine iPad for our raffle and $100 shopping voucher for everyone! Is that cool or what!? :)

So that's pretty much it! I'm really looking forward to coming home to Manila this December as I wasn't able to go home last year.

Til the next newfangled update haha.
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