Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Art of the Devil 3

Panor (Napakpapah Nakprasit) is an attractive and beautiful teacher who is victimized through black magic by a Thai family to use her body to bring back a loved-one from the dead. Revenge takes its course when Panor's soul gets back at the family. At the same time, a man who is obsessed with black magic sets out to hunt Panor, believing that the Three-Eyed Devil lives within her.

One thing I noticed about Thai movies is that they love gore. The more blood, violence & cringe-worthy scenes, the better. I found the story a bit interesting because black magic (amongst other horror folklore) is also profound in the Philippines. I haven't really proved it's truth and existence but the filipino culture is not complete without talk about "mangkukulam", "tikbalang", "manananggal" and other local ghosts and creatures.

The movie was so-so. I've seen better thai movies. Surprisingly though I didn't fall asleep, despite the fact we watched the 1.35am showing. Haha! maybe because of all the gore. It doesn't matter that I didn't see the prequels because the story was second to the blood and violence in the movie.

For my rating, I give "Art of the Devil 3" - 2/5.

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