Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Eski Bar, Circular Road

Upon Aileen's recommendation, we took the guys to "Freezing" Eski Bar the night before our Genting trip. I was really amused at the concept of a freezing-cold bar in sunny & hot Singapore.

On a wednesday night, there were only a few people inside so we had most of the "cold" to ourselves. They even lend you jackets to keep you warm - perfect for picture-taking haha. The back area of the bar is not as cold but of course we stayed at the freezing-cold area right after the entrance.

I'm not sure if the thermometer was correct, because the last time we went there, it also read -5 degrees Celsius. Anyhow, correct or not, it was really very cold.

They had this promo where you get a dessert and a drink for $20, so we chose Warm Chocolate Brownie paired with "Heaven" - kahlua, creme de cacao brown, baileys, tia maria, cream and chocolate hershey.

So for those who are going to travel to Singapore anytime soon, I think this is one of the hidden must-go-to's. A truly unique idea - booze and a cool climate.


Lunch is Served! said...

Cool! The ice creams won't melt

Neo said...

I walked past the place several times but I didn't have the opportunity to visit it. I will go there one of these days. thanks for the review! nice blog!

Shan Abellaneda said...

Lunch is served - Yeah! Isnt it cool? :)

Neo - yeah you should. Thanks! goodluck on your blog too :)

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