Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hair Glue

Having healthy hair also means being fit right? hehehe.. Actually, this isn't supposed to be in my blog but I just found it so amusing so I can't help but blog about it.

Last Sunday, I went for a much needed haircut. There's this nice reasonably-priced salon called Hair Profile a few blocks from our flat. I've had the same haircut for maybe 4 or 5 years now and I've gone there a few times since I moved to our area last year.

So after she finished washing, cutting and washing my hair she proceeded to style it. I almost thought she was using Elmers glue to style my hair but of course I figured she's not that stupid.

And since time immemorial she's always been pushing different products for my hair so I figured, Ok i'll get this one. Also because I was really amused at the packaging. Very innovative. But very expensive at $28.50. Even more expensive than my damn haircut. Anyhow, I really wanted to buy at least 1 product from her so she would stop sales-talking me with products or hair treatments hehe :)

Then I surfed the net for paul mitchell products and found out the glue is only $10 online. Rip-off!! Grrr. Not bad though coz I think the bottle would last me at least a few months. And the best part is it's super easy to wash. Unlike the normal clay I use that's so damn hard to shampoo off.

Doesn't it look exactly the same as Elmer's Glue?? Very amusing! Now elmer's has gone into so many different types of glue like acid-free, tacky glue, glue with glitters, etc etc.. How about edible glue?? hehe.


Lunch is Served! said...

I don't think hair stylists earn much just giving hair cuts :)

Shan Abellaneda said...

yes i agree.. i think they really earn on the the mark-up on the products :)

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