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DAYS 9-10 Philippines Trip, Dec.19-28, 2008

On Saturday, Dec. 27th, I had late lunch with my ex-officemates Maymay & Vanessa. Since I truly missed Cibo, we decided to eat there at their branch in Trinoma. Trinoma is one of the newest malls in the North of Manila, which I must say I really liked.

For startes, we had "Spinaci Zola" (P218, around S$7.03) - spinach & gorgonzala dip with crispy bread. A must try! This was and still is my favorite!

For pasta, we had "Linguine Al Nero Di Seppia" (P225, around S$7.26) - Squid, squid-ink, extra-virgin olive oil, anchovy, capers. This was really bland. Plus, there were so little squid I almost forgot it was a seafood pasta dish if not for the black squid ink.

We also had, "Pizza Parmigiano" (P325, around S$10.48). This was also super bland. Just by looking at it you can already tell it tastes like nothing. Thank god for the spinach dip which I spread on top of this tasteless pizza.

Lastly, we had "Linguine alla Ghiotta" (P298, around S$9.61) - Mushrooms, stab, bacon, cream. I don't know if there was something wrong with my tastebuds that time but this was as equally bland as the other dishes.

I was quite disappointed with Cibo actually. I remember the last time I ate at cibo a few years back in Powerplant Mall, I truly enjoyed their pasta. Oh well, some good things must come to an end. I hope they do something about this.

Maymay (Left) & Vanessa (Right)
Two of the most real & genuine people I have ever met, awwww. hehehe

For dinner, I really wanted to go to Spiral at the Philippine Plaza hotel but my cousins were lazy to go all the way there. So we settled for Saisaki, a japanese buffet restaurant on West Ave.

For P580 bucks (around S$18.71), I must say it was truly worth it. The choices were plenty and they also had filipino dishes aside from Japanese.

Lechon! (again)

I wanted to have a taste of the turkey but I forgot...

As in most filipino restaurants, a group of singers would serenade those who celebrate their birthday or simply wanted to make a song request.


More Yum!!!

I looovveee Salmon!

After our hearty dinner, we went to a nearby comedy club and melted the calories we ate by laughing all night, haha.

The next day I was headed back to Singapore. Sigh. It's always so hard to go back to reality after a very worthwhile and long holiday break with people you love. I think this vacation was one of the most memorable in my life.

But not to worry, as I remember I was still flying business class on the way back hehehe. Picture above is the buffet spread at the PAL Mabuhay Lounge at the airport.

Free-flow of drinks at the Bar

I've had too much to eat the past days so I just decided to have fruit and some of the spinach pasta, which was really good. Way better than Cibo!

Their jurassic PC terminal at the lounge

For my last hurrah, I had the Chicken Inasal.

I was so tired I actually fell asleep almost the same instant I sat down. I think I missed the tapas because the steward served me appetizer right away. Bummer!! hehe

A different take on Chicken Inasal but not bad at all.

Time to ponder and soul search...

Til the next travel blog... Back to work and back to reality. I hope you guys had fun looking through my pics as much as I had fun reliving the memories.

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DAY 8 Philippines Trip, Dec. 19-28, 2008

Friday, Dec. 26th is the night of parteeh with my Friends. Every year, especially now that I am working overseas, we always make sure to celebrate Christmas and catch up with one another.

Look at how yummy our food was! haha

From L-R: Sally, Gilbert, Sugar, Ivy, Louvette, Me, Karen, Krizia, Jay & Cathy

Every year, we also have a color motif just for fun. The previous years were pink (2006), white (2007) and for 2008, it was red. But initially it was supposed to be violet, that's the reason why I'm the odd one out. No one told me til the last minute that the color changed to red. Bummer! hehe.

Karen, left-most, lost so much weight! She lost like 40lbs (18 kg)! She sure is looking great. I hope she keeps it off til our next annual party (no pun intended, haha).

We are the biggest goofs as we always the play the silliest games as if we were back in grade school. But hey, it was so much fun! We played "Charades", "Trip to Jerusalem", "Bring Me", "Longest Line (where most of us got semi-naked haha goodness), etc.

We even played "Hep Hep Hooray", a famous local Tv game from "Wowowee". All in all, I really had so much fun. More than the food, booze and games, it was really nice to see my friends whom I have known for so many years now.

Thanks for the memories my friends!

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DAYS 6-7 Philippines Trip, Dec. 19-28, 2008

When we got back from our La Union & Baguio trip, we were just in time for Noche Buena. This year, we held our Christmas eve party in my aunt's house in Alabang.

Seeing so many gifts always brings out the kid in me, haha

Our artery-clogging Noche Buena made up of mostly Pork. I felt I had too much Pork the past days so I just ate the glass noodle soup and prawns.

Salamat Cousins (From L-R) -
DJ, Johann (my twin bro), Mike, Q, Me, Aileen, Oli, Ruby, Jane & Oli

Mexican Tamales that my aunt bought for P195 (around S$6.29) a piece. So not worth it. There was so little chicken inside it was an insult. I think she got ripped off.

Anyway, our christmas eve celebration lasted till early morning the next day. We played games, had booze and caught up with each other. Of course, we also had our annual exchange gift wherein everyone buys a gift worth P1,000 bucks (around S$32.26). This year, we didn't have a wish list so it was extra hard to buy a gift that would suit anyone who would pick your gift.

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