Friday, August 1, 2008

Patong Seafood Restaurant, Phuket, Thailand

Seafood, seafood and more seafood. This was our food itinerary for Phuket. So while strolling along the beachfront, this resaturant stood out because of their claim of having the "best seafood since 1979". Hmm lets see if they live up to that...

It's always fun to be able to choose the seafood you want and how you want it cooked. We chose a huge groupa fish and asked them to crispy-fry it with sweet and sour sauce. Then we also chose prawns to be sauteed in lemon and butter.

Where is my damn food?!! hehe.

We asked for ice water (meaning cold water in Singapore) and they gave us a bucket of ice and mineral water... next time don't use local singlish slang hehe

The Shrimp was quite bad. I think they were overcooked plus I couldn't taste a hint of lemon or butter. AND they only gave us 5 shrimps when we remember choosing 6. But who cares, we didn't want to ruin our meal for that.

The Crispy-Fried Groupa Fish was ooh-la-la yummy! There was so much boneless meat and it was perfectly crisp!! So crispy you could actually eat the head (not that I did hehe). The sauce was mildly sweet and sour and didn't drown the natural taste of the fish. My kind of dish.

The noodles were so bad I couldn't even remember what kind of noodle dish this was. The noodles were so overcooked they clumped one each other and became so starchy. Very bad.

The rice was even worse. If you look closely at the pic you could still see white pieces of rice, which means it wasnt mixed properly. Moreover, there wasn't a lot of meat, veggies or what have you. In short, it was a mediocre dish of fried rice. Yo Yo wins.

Overall, they didn't live up to their claim of having the best seafood (or food for that matter). I mean they probably did have good and fresh seafood but if you didn't cook it properly then what's the point right? We paid around 1200+ Baht for the entire meal. Double the price of Yo Yo but half the taste.

Here is my rating for Patong Seafood:

Ambiance - 3.5
Service - 2.5
Food - 2.5
Presentation - 3
Value for Money - 3

"Live, Love & Eat!"


ayi garcia said...

hi. im going to phuket this month. will appreciate your insights :) is it wiser to change currencies here in sg or in phuket? can u recommend any tour company/agent? thanks much

anna --- fellow pinoy

Shan Abellaneda said...

Hi Anna!
Thanks for your message. It is best to change currency here. Regarding tours in Phuket, you can easily find one along the streets. There are many of them everywhere. Just make sure to haggle for the best rates. I highly recommend the Phi Phi Island tour and Fantasea show :-).

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