Friday, August 1, 2008

Welcome to the World, Bernice!

I know this is not in tune to the theme of my blog but I just have to include this very special and momentous event in my blog.

My cousin, Ruby Buenaflor, just gave birth!!

And it's very special because she is the first to give birth amongst all of us cousins (mother side cousins). Their clan has this very unique and treasured tradition that everyone in the family who gives birth should follow the sequence of the alphabet. In short, she had to name her baby with the letter "B" - because everyone else had already covered letters A-Z and now they're back to B.

So her name is "Bernice Anne Buenaflor Vasay". Too bad I'm here in Singapore and I couldn't be there in Manila to see Bernice. She will be christened on September but I doubt I could go home as I'm saving my very minimal leaves for December. Bummer!

So welcome to this world, Bernice!! We wish you all the love, luck, joy, peace, happiness, talent, beauty and an acne-free, weight-problem-free life in this world! hehehe.

God Bless You!

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