Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Soup Spoon, Raffles City

I LOoooOOvvEE Soup Spoon!!! No need to food blog because I already give them a 5/5! hehehe.

Whenever I'd like to indulge myself but not feel as guilty, I head straight to Soup Spoon. I think it's a brilliant idea to come up with a food store that is all about soup.

Nevermind the usual long queue and the slightly more expensive price because to me it is all worth it. I never really thought I could enjoy soup and feel full at the same time. I have always thought of soup as a starter but not as the main meal.

Their soups usually come with your choice of bread but this time we opted to "upsize" it to Naan for $1.50, add cheese and you add $3.00. I think it's a good idea to have a curry-based soup as I usually associate Naan with indian or mediterranean cuisine. Nevertheless, the Naan was good. Very chewy and perfect to dunk in your soup.

Zach had the "Beef Goulash" - described in their website as "prime beef-cut stewed with the infamous paprika and loaded with starchy vegetables to make it a meal in itself." I already had this before so I opted to try something else but I must say, this is really a meal on its own. There was so much veggies and beef that you could actually pair it with rice. Moreover, it's very healthy and yummy!

For $10.80, the beef goulash came with the "Chicken Tikka Wrap" - tandoor chicken with mango chutney, mint cucumber, red onions and romain lettuce. Another yummy treat!! hehe I'm so bias. But really, the tangy taste of the chutney plus the tender chicken was perfect with the bread.

I had the "Velvety Mushroom Stroganoff" - described as "feels almost like eating fresh mushrooms out of the field. The mushrooms are so smooth, they glide down the throat. This soup is overpowering with the aroma of mushrooms perfect for mushroom lovers."

Ok! I get it alright, mushrooms. That description was overkill... But indeed there was mushrooms everywhere. Too many that the soup was too thick. But still gloriously yummy!

To complement my soup, I had the "Teriyaki Fish Sandwich" ($10.60, with soup) - teriyaki fish with red onions, green salad & wasabi mayo. I'm not sure about the teriyaki fish but the wasabi mayo gave that extra layer of flavor & spice. My least favorite but not too bad all in all.

I sum up my soup spoon experience as healthfully appetizing!! (if there is such a phrase, haha). I just love the fact that you can enjoy your food for less the fat & calories. Some soups are a bit more caloric especially the cream-based ones but I think compared to eating a fastfood meal, soup spoon is definitely the wiser choice, bar none!

Here is my rating for Glorious Soup Spoon (haha):

Ambiance - 3.5
Service - N/A
Food - 4.5
Presentation - 3.5
Value for Money - 4.5

252 North Bridge Road
B1-75/76 Raffles City Shopping Centre Singapore
Telephone: (65) 6334-3220

"Live, Love & Eat!"

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