Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Genting, Malaysia

It's confirmed. The First World hotel is indeed Multi-colored. The paint made the building, or I mean hotel, look like it was 20 or 30 years old. To think it was only completed in 2005 (as stated by the Guiness Book of World Records, as shown below).

Other than that major boo-boo, I would say Genting was FUN, FUN and FUN! :-) The weather was unexpectedly very cold. I really didn't imagine it to be that cold. To think I only wore cargo shorts.

The Five Star Coach (ehm, that's the name of the company. don't intend to brag hehe) going to Genting was not as nice as the one going back, but it was more spacious and as comfortable. Equipped with LCD TV and personal entertainment.

If not for the multiple stops including the immigration, the duration of the journey would probably only be 5 hours as compared to 7.

Have you ever seen a front desk this long?? how else do you expect to service 6,000+ rooms right? :)

Johann, my twin bro, and I.

One of our 2 mini-Deluxe View rooms both situated on the 4th floor. Mini because it was so damn small. No wonder they could fit 6,000+ rooms there. Oh well, budget travellers can't be choosers.

Thanks Mike for the nice shot! hehe

Our first meal in Genting - Marrybrown. Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken. So-so.

The view was spectacular. Genting is more than 4,000 feet above sea level and I really think we were on top of the clouds. Look at how the clouds looked like an ocean made of cotton.

Genting Skyway - Southeast Asia's longest (3.8km) and the world's fastest (6 meters/second) skyway system.

We were lucky the weather was clear so we had a great view of the rainforest. Plus it was really high up the ground. Freaked me out a bit. Im really afraid of heights. Yikes.

I have never seen so much Squid and Sugar in my whole life! hehe.

Breakfast at Resort Cafe in Resort Hotel. Zach told us not to take breakfast at First World because the place would be so packed and food would be scarce. So Resort was a good choice, the buffet spread was not bad for 10 dollars worth (though we did get free vouchers along with the hotel booking).

Eiffel Tower in Genting. Nice try. Hehe

Most of the first day we actually spent in Kuala Lumpur (posted in another entry), so we only got to quickly enjoy the outdoor theme park on our last day. Quite a rush as we had to check out by noon and get to the bus by 2pm.

Space Shot was the most thrilling of all the rides. Plus the view was breathtaking. I almost had a heart attack actually haha. Too bad we had to fall in line for an hour just to get on this. Next time we should really take the rides early in the morning.

Flying Coaster was very unique but not as thrilling as Corkscrew and Spaceshot. But not bad for the experience.

Corkscrew was my second favorite. While we were in line, it looked kinda lame but once we were on it, it was really so much fun. Or maybe I just love rollercoasters too much..

Waving Goodbye! Aww.. So sad. All good things come to an end.

I really commend Five Star for their ultra-comfortable coaches. It really made the trip worthwhile and stress-free. We were so relaxed during the road trip that we took it as a chance to rest, when normally the road trip itself would really tire you out. The seats could almost recline 180 degrees and the huge windows allowed you to see the magnificent view along the way.

I guess I underestimated Genting. I could'nt help it because of the horror stories I heard and read that Genting is old and needs a whole lot of renovation. Well, Genting is old in a way but because there were so many things to do, it didn't really matter anymore. Plus I had fun at the Casino and won 150 ringgit hehe.

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