Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bad Habits

Sins of indulgence... Intertwining stories of abuse, adultery, and anorexia.

Matilde is a doctor who chooses to become a nun, convinced that faith moves mountains. Secretly she begins a mystic fasting to end what she considers to be the second great flood. Elena is a thin and fashion-conscious woman ashamed of her little daughter's chubbiness. Elena's husband, Gustavo - a professor of architecture - cannot cope any more with his wife's anorexia. For his carnal needs, he turns to a buxom female student with a hearty appetite, literally & figuratively.

Any movie that has got to do with weight issues will always be a homerun for me. I love how the movie depicts different forms of cravings - for food, sex, love & faith. Of course, growing up as a fat boy, I could definitely relate to the little girl. Unlike the little girl who was pressured by her anorexic mother, I felt more pressure from society. Just like in the movie, as a young boy, I also felt that the more the people around me forced me into losing weight, the more I wanted to eat. I think someone can only really lose weight, if you truly want it, not because other people are telling you so.

It's been a while since I've seen an artsy movie and I think this was worth it. Don't expect to see highly-visual action scenes because this movie banks on the story. A subtle yet intriguing and engaging movie, I give "Bad Habits" a 4/5.


kassy said...

where can i find this? i want to watch it!

Shan Abellaneda said...

im not really sure when its showing in wyoming :) maybe u can check your local cinema that features art films :)

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