Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Four Fingers Crispy Chicken, Ion Orchard

They seriously make good great business... there is almost always a queue...
Wow, it's been quite a while since I last did a restaurant review. I normally eat the usual food on a daily basis so nothing special enough to share on this blog...

Until I met Four Fingers! :-P

I did a little bit of research (a.k.a. googling) but I still can't seem to figure out if Four Fingers is a Singaporean company (it seems like it though). Their website says 4Fingers represent 4 friends who started this fast-food "phenomenon" in Singapore when they were inspired by eateries in New York City selling korean-style fried chicken.

Now don't get confused as Four Fingers is totally different from BonChon Chicken. And I've tried the BonChon Chicken in Bugis+ and it pales in comparison to Four Fingers. Really!

Pricing is slightly on the high side for fast-food but it's expected given that their location is in Ion Orchard. An order of crispy chicken (wings & drumlets) is good for sharing so it's not so bad.

Since I recently moved out and my birthday is just around the corner, I'm seriously thinking of ordering the 150pcs for our housewarming cum birthday party! haha :-P

This DBS/POSB promo is totally worth it. Get it!!

I used to complain about how they lacked seating so I was so very glad to know they recently expanded. Plus the interior is not so bad.

Now my friend, Alf, and I had a slight issue about the damn fries. Thing is you could upsize your drink and fries for a fee. When we got the fries - one which was regular and another "supposedly" upsized, they looked exactly the same. So I asked the girl in the kitchen thinking they made a mistake but she said it was correct. Alf asked another guy at the counter and he rudely said they weigh their fries, even flashed the weighing scale at Alf and said "one is 70 grams and the other is 110 grams". We didn't want to spoil our meal so we just let it go, vowing never to upsize our fries. Small matter really but honestly here in Singapore, where complaining is a hobby as they say, I'm sure they will get it from other customers. Maybe they should change the packaging, or something...

Anyway, all the minor brouhaha aside, the food was still good. We tried the Calamares and Shrimp for the first time and they were not bad as well.

The star of the show is of course the to-die-for crispy chicken! Seriously, I could probably eat 20 of these hahaha :-) - which probably equates to 20 hours on the treadmill haha.

As we were about to leave, someone delivered their supply of oil. I noticed they use Tempura oil. Could that be the secret to their uber crispy chicken?

4Fingers Crispy Chicken
Telephone: 6835-5423
Address: 2 Orchard Turn, #B4-06A, Ion Orchard, Singapore 238801

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