Sunday, August 3, 2008

Macau Express, Singapore Expo

After visiting the NATAS Travel Fair to book our tickets to Genting next month (My brother Johann & his GF, Farida, plus my cousin Mike are visiting), we were scouting for a place to eat at.

Since Aileen was still hung over from her recent Macau Trip, we chose to eat at Macau Express. The line to order your food was quite long so I figured the food must be good.

I really wanted to have the Portuguese Baked Half Chicken (as I saw some people eating it) but just my luck, they already ran out of it.

sorry for the blurry pics, used my phone cam

We opted to have the Baked Porkchop Rice ($7.90). So while waiting for our food, I looked at the receipt and noticed they charged us 30 cents each for the wet towelettes. I really don't know why some restaurants (mostly chinese) would make it mandatory to buy these damn towels. Sure it's just 30 cents but if you multiply that by the people who eat there, thats quite a lot. Plus, why can't they make it "optional" to the people who don't want it?? Stupid towels.

Anyway, the porkchop was ok. The gravy was good but not much pork. Too much gravy actually that everything was swimming in gravy. I feel also a bit pricey for almost 8 bucks.

The Egg tarts were great. I love the flaky crust. Though the filling was a bit too soft and watery. I prefer the real macaunese egg tarts Aileen brought over when she got back. More firm and creamy.

For a quick dinner, not so bad. But nothing spectacular. Here is my rating for Macau Express:

Ambiance - 2.5
Food - 3.0
Service - NA
Presentation - 2.0
Value for Money - 2.5
OVERALL - 2.625

Singapore Expo, #01-43, Hall 4 Atrium
For reservations or enquiries, please call 6822 7883

"Live, Love & Eat!"


Lunch is Served! said...

Wow, you're going to Genting? I haven't been there in ages :)

Shan Abellaneda said...

My first time! I heard the weather there is great - cool & cozy. Excited to ride the cable car & roller coaster :-)

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