Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Tokyo, Japan

YEYYYY!! I am so happy that my blog is finally up to date! hehehe. Anyway, I made an impulsive decision to go to Tokyo last labor day weekend in May. It wasn't really super last minute but I only planned this maybe 3-4 weeks prior to the trip, when I would usually plan months ahead.

I booked Singapore Airlines as the fare was justifiably reasonable given that it was a long weekend. Plus, the timing was perfect as I left Thursday night and arrived Friday early morning then back to Singapore on Sunday 5pm. That meant I had almost 3 full days for sightseeing and leisure. I was going solo on this trip so 3 days is enough for me, but I definitely need to go back to Japan one day to explore more.
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Jewel Cafe and Bar, Rangoon Road

We usually plan where to eat on what's available on Entertainer app in the area we are in. We recently discovered Jewel Cafe on Rangoon Road and I must say this is now my favorite hole-in-the-wall cafe in Singapore.
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Osteria Mozza, Marina Bay Sands

We stuffed ourselves silly at the Gelato World Tour so we decided to have something salty and savory for dinner haha. I've always wanted to try Osteria Mozza by the famous chef Mario Batali so I was very excited about this.
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Gelato World Tour 2015, Asia Pacific Finals

We went to the Gelato World Tour at the Marina Bay Sands last Mar 22 because the friend of my flatmate Kri is one of the contestants and the official representative from the Philippines.
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Rochester Cafe, Rochester Park

For foodies like me and Alfian, Entertainer app is really a God send. You get 1 for 1 meals so you really end up saving a lot on restaurant food. We decided to try out Rochester Cafe one weekend in mid-March.
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Boracay, Philippines (February 2015)

Right before I started my new job in March, I decided to go on a 5-day trip to Boracay with my Mom. Luckily, SilkAir now flies direct to Kalibo from Singapore which makes it really convenient.
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The Westin Singapore Hotel

It was mixed feelings quitting my job at SAP as the company is really good and the benefits were great. Imagine, in my 6 months stay with the company I got to travel to the USA twice, Kuala Lumpur and Manila. Unfortunately, I really didn't like the job. I guess it's true that no matter how much you get paid or how good the company is, it all boils down to job satisfaction. I was also lucky that SAP didn't have a training bond for all the money they spent on me for the overseas trainings #sorrynotsorry hehe. Anyway, that was that.
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Boston, Massachusetts USA

In end-September 2014, I had the chance to travel to Boston, Massachusetts for the first time. Again, this was for training purposes as well. I actually previously worked for SAP. That company has loads of money. We went to Boston just to attend 2 days of training so I was in the US for a total of only 4 days. Upon arrival in the USA, the immigration officer joked and said "can't your company just give you a piece of paper or something for training?" hahaha.
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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

San Francisco, California USA

(L-R) Myself, Alfian and ex-colleague Allan

The last time I've been to the US was in 1999 when my father sought for medical treatment there. So I was so happy that after around 15 years, I had the chance to go back there last Aug 2014 when I went for training with my ex-company.
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