Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cafe Le Caire, Arab Street

So my twin bro, Johann, his GF, Farida, and my cousin Mike (Aileen's bro), arrived in town last Monday for a 1-week Singapohlean getaway. It's their 3rd or 4th time here so we wanted to take them to some place different for dinner.

We decided to go to Arab Street for a unique and unusual-yet-interesting gustatory mini-feast. Despite the rain, we braved to walk to Arab street from Bugis MRT.

Arab street actually reminds me of the small streets in Binondo in Manila. The feeling of old, rustic & historic small shophouses. Of course Arab Street is the cleaner version of Binondo. Plus, a lot safer especially at night.

For starters we had "Mez'ze" ($15) - a middle eastern tradition to start a meal with an assortment of starters and dips. For 15 bucks, this appetizer was very affordable with a wide variety of dips. I really loved the yellow dip (mashed chick peas I think) and the white one, as it was perfect with the bread. So perfect that we ordered additional bread. Hehe.

For main course, we ordered "Whole Roasted Spring Chicken" ($17) and "Meshawi" ($18)- a mixture of shish, tawouke, kofta and vegetable kebabs and house-special lambchops served on arabic bread and seasonal greens.

The chicken was slightly raw, some inner parts were still blood-red but we were too hungry and lazy to argue with the waiter so we just ate the cooked parts.

The kebab platter was my favorite. The assorted meat was very tender and tasty and went perfect with the Vermicelli rice ($1.50).

I would say we had a pleasant welcome dinner to usher the arrival of our guests. But more than the food, it's always fun to have family around. The daily grind at work plus living far away from home can get lonely, dull and monotonous...Huhuhu.. hehe.

Here is my rating for Cafe Le Caire:

Ambiance - 3.0
Service - 2.5
Food - 3.0
Presentation - 2.5
Value for Money - 3.5


39, Arab Street, Singapore 199738 Tel: 6292 0979
Sunday to Thursday - 10am - 3:30am
Friday to Saturday - 10am -5:30am

"Live, Love & Eat!"

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