Friday, February 7, 2014

ParkRoyal on Pickering, Singapore

We had a staycation at the ParkRoyal on Pickering last October and it truly was a staycation in every sense of the word. I wrote in my TripAdvisor review that it is the most beautifully designed hotel I have ever been to, hands-down!

I was literally really blown away by the design detail of the hotel (I'm too heavy to be literally blown away hahaha). It's like every single inch of the hotel was carefully thought of. You know how some hotels put so much effort into the lobby but everything else is not so nice? Well, ParkRoyal on Pickering isn't like that, even the exterior of the hotel was beautiful.

Front Desk

Lobby Hallway

Lime Restaurant is where they also serve breakfast - which was awesome. The ambiance in the restaurant in itself is filling.

I love-love-loved the open-air concept in the hallway leading to the hotel rooms. This was really nice apart from being eco-friendly. The pockets of vertical gardens were also very neat.

Although the rooms were much smaller compared to other hotels I've stayed at (with the same price point), it is still very nice. Modern, sleek design with clean lines.

The toilet seat had its own enclosure. I would love to do this once I have my own place. However, there is no bidet. Some of us Asians are not used to toilet paper only hehehe.

I was so amazed with the the automated blinds system haha. It really felt like night once you drew the "night" blinds.

Nice branded toiletries. Hello Marina Bay Sands, please follow suit (hehe).

Eversince Marina Bay Sands came up with the infinity pool concept overlooking the city, all new hotels followed the same design.

You can see the spacious fitness centre behind the lounge chairs. It was overlooking the pool.

Steam room

Pool is awesome. We spent a lot of time here. However, the pool is small for a hotel this size. I think the lounge area beside the pool is wasted area. They could have extended the pool all the way to that side. Seating area and lounges at the pool are also not enough.

We had a sour experience at the pool actually. The waiter/staff situated at the pool was a bit rude. I felt it wasn't his intention but he came across as rude. The thing is prior to entering the pool area to register our names, he kept on telling us that the pool was crowded and there was no seating. I told him it's fine and I even said I can put my stuff on the floor. He said are you sure? As if he wanted to tell us not to go in and come back another time. Of course we still went. We couldn't help but think that if we were Caucasian would he have treated us the same way? (as we were the only Asians in the pool that time).

The cocoon-like "hanging" couches are something very unique.

The same "rude" waiter served us (and all other guests) free fruit later in the day. This was a nice treat.

More of the vertical gardens

Breakfast the next day was heaven (I am running out of superlatives describing this hotel hahaha).

We went back to the pool after breakfast and hung out at the room some more. I was lucky there was a 10% discount via Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card. I think we paid close to S$300 for our stay. I really love this hotel! I don't mind going back if I need a break from the monotony of work haha.


Princessturned Queen said...

Nice hotel, Shan! Great pics, too. :)

Shan Abellaneda said...

@princess: yup! thanks! :)

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