Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Frankfurt, Germany

This is another draft post I saved in April. Finally, this wraps up our Germany trip - 9 months later! Haha. I have so much backlog ugh! I'll be in Manila this weekend then Phuket the following week so my posts are just piling up! haha.

Anyway, Frankfurt was our last stop for this trip. Johann and my parents' flight were in the morning while mine was at night and my Aunt and Uncle's were the following day. Thus, we managed to squeeze in a day trip in Frankfurt.

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Heidelberg Harvest Festival

(This was a draft post I saved in April. Sorry for the delay. Here we go...)

There were quite a few groceries near our apartment in Heidelberg. One of them was Alnatura (see above photo). It was like an organic health food store. Naturally, almost everything was expensive so I didn't really get to buy anything haha.
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