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4bia comprises of 4 different stories of 4 different lives by 4 different directors. The first story, "Happiness", is about an injured girl and an anonymous textmate. The second story, "Tit for Tat", is about a group of school bullies who pick on a kid that exposed their drugs. "In The Middle" is about 4 boys who are out in the forest for a camp, and "Last Fright" is about the encounter of a mistress (stewardess) and a princess (the wife) on a flight.

So here I go again with another Thai horror movie. I'm not really a big fan, it just so happened there's nothing else to watch on a late saturday night. Cathay and PS were so packed that we settled for front row seats at PS. The biggest mistake.

[Spoiler Alert]
Anyway, the 1st and 2nd story were full of bullcrap. Worthless. Nonsense. The first story was entirely shot in the girl's apartment with she as the star of the entire movie. How cost-effective. Long story short, her dead textmate haunts her and throws her off the balcony. End of story.

The second story is about a group of bullies who pick on a kid who exposed their drugs. Long story short, they thought they killed the kid but he comes back for vengeance and kills them all through black magic. End of story.

The 3rd, I must admit, was really hilarious. A group of boys who go out for camping and water-rafting who all end up dead. End of story.

The 4th, which is my favorite, is about a stewardess who serves a princess on flight. So funny that a princess was taking a normal plane (with no one on board but her) with a single flight attendant. When I say normal plane, I mean like a Beoing 737 or something but empty. Should'nt a princess be taking a private jet??!

Anyway, it turns out the stewardess is the mistress of the princess' husband. The stewardess poisons the princess. Princess dies after landing. Princess' remains are flown back to her country. Princess' body is seated on the plane (No kidding, they literally sat the dead body on the seat with a seatbelt - So f&%king hilarious! - and told the stewardess to watch over it). There was a scene where the stewardess was holding an axe to "kill' the dead body. How in the world can you kill someone dead?? Long story short - stewardess ends up dead. End of story.

So if you want to watch a movie where everyone ends up dead then watch 4bia. Hehe. I don't want to be too critical because after all horror movies are supposed to be fun. I mean asian ones at least. They usually either elicit laughter or depict the usual scare tactics. That's just my opinion. But kudos to the cinematography. World-class, I must say.

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On a side note, my own phobia is Acrophobia (Fear of heights) & Claustrophobia (Fear of enclosed spaces). One time I almost freaked out in the MRT when it stopped in the tunnel due to technical problems. Also, for some reason, I always find myself dreaming of falling from really high places.. Hmmm.. gotta check dream catcher for the interpretation..

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Can I just say there was this group of dark-skinned men, the ones who usually stink up the MRT (I won't mention the race as I don't want to get sued or imprisoned but I'm sure you know who I'm talking about), who were so freaking noisy and inconsiderate in the cinema. To make matters worse, they were right beside me. One time I got so pissed I "shhh-ed" them even if they were seated next to me. But the hell they cared because they kept on chattering like noisy bitches. Damn. These people are so uneducated. So annoying. Go be noisy in your own country, not here in Singapore.

My rating for 4bia - 2.5/5

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