Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Fitness Blog #1

Biggest Loser has got to be one of the most inspiring reality shows on the telly. I remember I loved to watch this show so much while lying on the couch with a bag of chips... hehehe. But kidding aside, if you've seen this show it's just amazing how the horizontally-challenged people transform to almost-model like beings.

So what better way to channel this inspiration but to create my own "biggest loser" challenge. My weight has always been the biggest tribulation in my life. I don't think I ever remember being thin, as in "normal" thin. As far as my memory can recall, I have always been "horizontally-challenged". Or to put it bluntly - Fat, Obese, "Baboy", "Tabachoy" or however you want to call it.

The biggest setback of being fat is being judged by the way you look. People would immediately label you as a "pig" with no self-control, irresponsible, couch-potato, lazy, boring, etc etc etc. I have heard it all. Some (or a lot of) people tend to forget that beneath the layers upon layers of fat is a human being - just like any other person with feelings, intellect & the need to belong. But you can't blame them. The painful fact is that this world is superficial. We are judged by the way we look. Be it in the workplace, school, etc.

I am doing this challenge now more for my health and for myself - not for anyone else. I am pushing into my 30's and sooner or later I know I'll get sick if I continue with this sedentary lifestyle. More so that diabetes, heart disease & cancer runs in our family. Most of my family is fat, being fat is actually in our genes, but this is not an excuse to remain fat your whole life. It only means you have to exert twice or even thrice the effort.

So enough of the melodrama. Let's get down to business :)
For the past week and a half I have tried to avoid eating rice. For breakfast, I have skim or low-fat milk with whole grain bran cereal. For lunch, I bring a whole-grain sandwich to work & buy fruit. For dinner, I just eat at home - maybe another sandwich, yogurt & oatmeal cookies for a snack (the low fat one, c'mon give me a break I need a treat or else I'll end up binging hehe). In this way, I save money AND cut down on the food intake.

Last night was my first gym session. 4o mins of cardio & around 20 mins of weights. As the days progress, I will have to do more cardio and do more weight-training. Every week from here on, I will document my weight. Every month, I will post new mug shots.

So brace yourself coz posted below are my BEFORE pics hehehe. Please be aware that the pictures are graphic and for those with weak stomachs, kindly turn away from the monitor. hehehe

Don't tell me I didn't warn you!! :P

Front View - Full Body

Side View - Full Body
Close-up - Face (I don't seem so happy.. :P)
Official Start Date: June 30, 2008

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frank1979 said...

It isn't your weight that's stressing me, cause I've grown to like that about you since the dawn of time. It's your look...are you sure you're not one of the Manson Family members? Chika!

Keep up the good work. If you really want to lose weight -FAST, try "Sharon Cuneta". Hahahahaha!

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