Saturday, July 19, 2008

Astons Express, Foodgle NUS Prince George's Residence

I work in the faraway land of Science park. A place oblivious from the hustle and bustle of the city. I told a friend once that instead of seeing skyscrapers everyday, I see treescrapers (if there is such a word) - as in soaring, tall trees. It is a welcome change though, having worked mostly in the metropolis way back in Manila.

Every once in a while, we would troop to the dining hall (Foodgle) at the NUS hostel (Prince George). And when I say troop that actually means hiking and walking in stride. The park is really a park with hills, bends, slopes and lakes.

One of the many stalls in foodgle is Astons Express. I wasn't really expecting a regular hostel foodcourt to be selling steak & seafood. So whenever we'd like to indulge for lunch we would eat at Astons. And today, like many days, I'd like to indulge :)

For lunch, I had the "Crispy Fried Chicken" ($5.30) - Breaded boneless chicken with your choice of 2 side dishes - I chose potato salad & garden veggies. For the price I had to pay, I would say it was the best value for money. If not for the really slow service (20 min. wait time), it would have been a great lunch. The chicken was tender & crisp and the baked potato was really savory. I have a feeling they add mashed boiled egg in the mayo. Garden veggies were brocolli and baby carrots - not the typical cheap corn, peas and carrots.

I did a little bit more research and found out Astons Express is actually a spin-off from Astons Specialties in East Coast Rd & Astons Prime in Joo Chiat Rd. Quite surprising that a real steak restaurant would bother putting a small stall in isolated NSU. But thank god they did!

Here is my rating for Astons Express:

Ambiance - NA
Service - 1.5
Food - 4
Presentation - 3
Value for Money - 5
OVERALL - 3.38

"Live, Love & Eat"

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