Sunday, July 20, 2008

J.CO Donuts & Coffee, Bugis Junction

When I was new here in Singapore, I was really surprised at how much the locals love donuts. And I say this because I didn't think they were fond of donuts because most of them are so thin (so unfair!). They would really fall in line for hours just to get their box of donuts. And everytime a new donut shop would open, people would make such a big deal about it.

So here comes another donut shop - J.Co. The first time I saw J.Co was in Pavilion in Kuala Lumpur late last year. So I thought it was a malaysian brand, but the website says their first store was in Indonesia. They now have more than 40 outlets across Asia. Watch out Manila! They are opening soon in the Philippines.

So being a big fan of Krispy Kreme and Go Nuts donuts in Manila, I wanted to give my verdict on these intriguing donuts.

We ordered a piece each of "Don Mochino" ($1.30), "Alcapone" ($1.30), & "Glazzy" ($1.20), plus "Green Tea Freeze" ($6). Then to our delight, we got a complimentary Glazzy donut. Yey! hehe.

Now my verdict -
I actually find their donuts a bit bland. Yes they were light and fluffy, but too light to be honest. Donuts are supposed to make you feel guilty. Compared to the donuts in Manila, the ones I've tasted in the US are even more oily and sweet. In my honest opinion, there are some foods best left fattening. Donuts are supposed to be a "treat", a comfort food. But these donuts were like the healthy version. True enough, their website says they value healthy ingredients and products that have health value. I mean if you wanted health food then eat fruits or vegetables right? I'm not making a big fuss about it, it's just that I feel donuts should remain donuts. That's just my opinion. :-)

Also, whenever I eat donuts I really am after the taste of the dough. Toppings should just compliment the bread not overpower it. Haha I can't believe I'm so emotionally affected by these "healthy" donuts hehehe.

Overall, J.Co was good. I was really impressed with the interior of the cafe. Even better than most fine dining restos. The seats were mostly couches and lounge chairs and the decor was eye-candy. But if I were to pick my favorite donut, I would still choose the artery-clogging Krispy Kreme :-P

Here is my rating for J.Co:

Ambiance - 5
Service - NA
Food - 3
Presentation - NA
Value for Money - 4.5
OVERALL - 4.17
B1, 200 Victoria Street, Bugis Junction
Singapore 188021

"Live, Love & Eat"


Johann A. said...

Still Krispy Kreme and Gonuts Donuts of Manila RULES!!! Hehehe....

Kaisen said...

I believe this donut craze is more a "fad" then people genuinely loving donuts. There was this period where "coffee buns" were in the rage, people queued hours for it, and everywhere you go you see shops selling coffee bun only, from the coffee-bun-family (Roti Boy, Papa Roti, Roti-Mum, Ah Gong Roti, Ah Ma Roti etc. Uncle Roti, Auntie Roti).

Eventually, this fad dies down, much like the "bubble-tea" before it and now I think the only surviving store is Roti Mum at IMM shopping centre.

I'm guessing that the donut industry will implode by early next year, much like the coffee buns.

Shan Abellaneda said...

i agree.. i guess the problem is too many donut shops open up at the same time.. so people easily get tired of it..

bubble tea was also a big craze in manila then it eventually died down as well..

well lets see which donut shop is the last "donut" standing haha

arpee lazaro said...

you have a nice blog and i'm a sucker for glazed donuts. hope you email me when you come home. food bloggers here are treated to a lot of cool events. would be nice to have you attend one of them when you're in town! more power to your blog!

Shan Abellaneda said...

thanks arpee!! sure i will let you know when im in manila. probably this december :) it wud be my pleasure to join the food blog events :)

meow. said...

i did notice that there are a lot of donut shops in SG :) i was able to try the donut factory and the $3 for 4 donuts at carrefour! yummers :)

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