Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fitness Blog #3

I have had the flu for 5 days now so I haven't had the strength to go to the gym. Over the weekend, (after I whipped that uber-delicious lasagna) I had fever, sore throat & body ache (can you imagine?!) for 2 days. Because I had a deadline, I still went to work on Monday & Tuesday. But I took leave today because I really need some rest. More so, I don't think its a good idea to spread the flu at work.

Yesterday, I saw the doctor to get an MC chit (here in singapore, you have to get a medical certificate even if you're just 1 day sick - sorry but i think that's crap. In Manila, you only need an MC if you're sick for more than 3 days). So while I was at the doctor, I might as well ask her why my flu is taking so long and it doesn't seem to get any better. Well, of course I had to exaggerate so she would give me my pass from work. It did get better coz I didn't have fever anymore but my nose was still really clogged. So she said flu normally lasts 7-10 days (whew!). Then she started asking me questions (in a funny accent, not the normal singapohlean accent, I think she grew up in the US) about my medical history. Then she gave me this scary thought that, just to be on the safe side, I go through a blood sugar test just to make sure I'm not having symptoms for diabetes. WTF!!!!???

Since I just had my lunch that time, I asked if I could come back tomorrow to have that prick on my finger to test my sugar. Honestly, I'm not scared that I'm diabetic. Because for the past 3 or 4 weeks I have stoppped eating rice, snacks & what have you. I eat a lot of veggies, wheat and multi grain. My blood sugar MAY be elevated but I don't think Im diabetic (Of course, I have to convince myself).

So wish me luck guys. Hope this turns out well. And I hope it's just a really terrible flu.

Oh and by the way, despite my lack of attendance at the gym, I still lost weight hehe.. Just a few grams though. But weight loss is still weight loss.

Starting Weight as of June 30 - 121 kg
Weight as of July 9 - 119.2 kg
Weight as of July 16 - 118.5 kg

"No Pain, No Gain"


Lunch is Served! said...

All the best Shan!

I do suspect that you've caught a really bad bout of sinusitis though. I get this a couple of times a year and it takes me 1-2 months to recover each time. My doc tells me to get my sinuses removed (or something like that lah, I can't remember), but that's a major op and I can't afford the time/money to go through that now. Yikes!

Shan Abellaneda said...

Thanks for ur well-wishes! I've already posted an update regarding that :)

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