Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fisherio's Fish 'N' Chips, Bugis Junction

I noticed here in Singapore, there are throves of stores selling fish 'n' chips. From restos to hawker stalls, they are everywhere. Which I actually like. Ironically, in Manila, there are only a few select places where you can buy quality fish n chips. To think that the Philippines harvests a lot of seafood all year round.

Fisherios at Bugis Junction looked inviting so we tried it. We wanted to order regular fish n chips but the proactive service crew offered us the chicken and fish combo ($9.90) since we were going to share.

Utterly disappointing. First of all, I don't know why they had to wrap it in paper when we were going to eat it there. Second, the serving was so freaking small for its price. You can buy bigger and better fish and chips at the hawkers for half the price. Heck, even Astons' crispy chicken had 2 sidings for half the price. More so, you could count the number of fries with your fingers. The only consolation was the unlimited tartar, chili and ketchup.

Here is my dismal rating for Fisherios:

Ambiance - NA
Service - NA
Food - 2
Presentation - 1.5
Value for Money - 1.5
OVERALL - 1.67
Address:200 Victoria Street

"Live, Love & Eat!"

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