Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Nth Attempt to Fitness at California Fitness

Today I enrolled at California Fitness with my friends Rye & Zach. I was actually a member at Gold's Gym and Fitness First in the Philippines so might as well try a different club. After a year and 3 months and a staggering 10-kilo weight gain here in Singapore, I decided to join a fitness club. And also to fulfill the purpose of the last "F" in this blog - my lifelong struggle for Fitness.

2 years ago I managed to lose 54lbs (24.5 kilos) in a span of 2 years. The first 24 lbs in the first year at Fitness First then the last 30 lbs at Golds Gym during the second year. I can seriously say these were the best days of my life since I felt so f*%king goodlooking hahaha... Honestly, people would be so shocked to see me and wouldn't even recognize me if I were sitting beside them. I felt healthy, full of energy and just beaming with confidence.

Gone were those days.. Sigh... So before I gain back all the weight I've lost I finally decided to do something about it. Hopefully, by putting myself to shame and posting it on the net, I would take this challenge seriously.

We got a very good deal at $53 a month for a 2-year membership. The trick in dealing with those uber pushy sales consultants is to tell them "this is my budget, take it or leave it". But I guess it did help that there were 3 of us signing up. Seriously, all those membership fees, processing fees and bullcrap fees are just, well, bullcrap. Don't fall for that trap. When they tell you it's the last day of their promo, tell them you weren't born yesterday. haha. Just kidding. Though I really admire their determination. Can you just imagine how hard it is for them to put on that act.

So here's to food blogging and fitness.. Goodluck to me.. Ugh

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