Wednesday, July 23, 2008

2 nights to go till Phuket! :-)

I haven't been to Thailand so I'm really excited about going to Phuket this Friday. YIPEEE!!! :-)
One thing I like about living here in Singapore is the convenience & affordability of travel. Several times a year, they stage huge travel fairs at the expo or convention centres. With several budget airlines like Jetstar, Air Asia & Cebu Pacific, traveling has become really affordable - especially to Asian countries.

So this Friday we will be flying SilkAir - Singapore's Regional Airline. We get to eat food on the plane and hang around at Changi Airport. I love Changi terminal, it's almost like a real shopping mall inside. Actually, thanks to Zach's travel voucher we were able to afford SilkAir hehe.

We will be staying at the Holiday Inn Phuket. I saw on their website that they recently underwent renovations and theres a new wing - Busakorn Wing. The pics look reallyyyyy nice. So I have yet to see if the pictures are what they claim to be in real life. You know how pics can deceive you most of the time, especially online hotel pics. By the way, thanks again to Zach's travel voucher hehe.

2 more nights and I can't hardly wait!! Finally, I can add a blog entry to the last F for flight haha so shallow.

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