Saturday, July 19, 2008

Siam Kitchen, Bugis Junction

What I love about Singapore is the vast variety of food - be it Asian, Western, Mediterranean, etc. In Manila, most of the grub is either Italian, American or Japanese. Eversince I got here, I learned to love thai, indonesian and malay food.

Siam was actually the old name of the Kingdom of Thailand until 1949 (thanks to wikipedia, hehe). I've actually tried Siam Kitchen in Marine Parade last year and I fondly remember it as a good eat, so I think they deserve a slot in my food blog (haha).
While browsing through the menu, we were given complimentary "keropok". In filipino, kropek. I love munchies! hehe.
For starters, we ordered "Woonsen Pad Thai Talay" ($8.90) - An alternative version of the ever popular pad thai but stir-fried with glass noodles and seafood. This is actually under the main courses but to us its a starter, hehehe. This was YUMMY. The glass noodle variety was suitably very good. There were generous portions of shrimp, fish fillet and squid. Very "Arroy"! (delicious/tasty in thai).
Zach ordered "Kuey Teow Look Chin" ($7.90) - Clear noodle soup with fish balls, "full of hearty goodness, great for kids and adults who want a break from all the spiciness" - as what the menu claims. Also quite good. There was a lot of beef and it was very tender. Zach says it was flavorful yet subtle. I actually thought the balls were beef but the menu says its fish. Nevertheless, it was good.
I ordered "Gang Keaw Wan Gai" ($8.90) - Green curry with chicken, baby eggplant and sweet basil leaves. Regrettably, this dish fares poorly with the other 2 dishes. The portions of chicken were so small I don't think it would add up to a chicken breast. There was too much sauce instead of meat or veggies. Eggplant is fairly cheap so I don't know why they scrimped on it.
Overall, not too bad. The pad thai swept me to cloud nine. The more I got excited that in a few days I will taste authentic thai food in phuket. So watch out for that.
Here is my rating for Siam:
Ambiance - 3
Service - 3.5
Food- 3.5
Presentation - 2
Value for Money - 3.5
Parco Bugis Junction
Telephone: (65) 6337-3777
"Live, Love & Eat"

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Lunch is Served! said...

You should try out the Thai Express chain of restaurants too :)

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