Friday, January 24, 2014

Smoothie King

The first time I saw Smoothie King as at 313 Somerset in Orchard. I had an impression actually that it was a locally-made brand but after googling, I found out it actually originated from New Orleans, Louisiana USA. I had a meeting the other day at the modernly-beautiful Marina Bay Financial Centre and saw Smoothie King at the Marina Bay Link Mall so I had to try it.

I love that they actually show the calories for each food item on their menu. This would make any healthy buff happy. In fact, it also made me choose my food based on the caloric content. I remember how even McDonalds or Burger King in Australia did the same. It would be good if this was required in all fast food stores in Singapore.

Interior was very neat, bright and upbeat. It made me cheerful and happy haha. This outlet is probably new as there weren't a lot of people. Most of the people who ate when I was there were foreigners.

These devices are becoming popular lately - they alarm when your food is ready to pick up. Nice.

Sorry but can I just say I love my new work bag? Hahaha. I just had to give my bag a cameo appearance haha. Thing is I have been searching high and low for the best work bag for many years now. I even went to Gucci, Bally, LV and Longchamp but apart from their bags being overly priced, there weren't enough pockets and most importantly the shoulder straps were short. Alf and I found this at Planet Traveller in Ion Orchard. I LOVE the design! Similar to Jack Spade don't you think? Most of all, I love that it has so many pockets! It even comes with a detachable laptop bag where you can attach the shoulder strap. In essence, you're getting 2 bags for the price of one!

It's a brand called Knomo, originated from London. Click here for their official website. I got this for S$350 - double the price of the crumpler bag that Alf lent me (Thank you Alf!) but it surely is worth the price. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!

Ok back to Smoothie King hahaha. I also love their wraps and smoothies. I had the almond banana smoothie and grilled chicken garlic aioli wrap. The serving size of the wrap is smaller compared to like Salad Stop (which is my favorite) but their price point is much cheaper. You can find a photo of the receipt at the end of this post.

 I sent a photo of the wrap to my cousin Aileen and she said it looks like a snack portion for me haha.

Very affordable I must say, especially if you order just the wrap. I would definitely come back especially if I just want a light meal that is nice but not overpriced. I wish they would open an outlet in Vivo City so that I can have this when I want a change from eating Soup Spoon or having smoothies at Boost. Click here for Smoothie King's official website.

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