Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Phuket, I'm back!

I was back in Phuket for a 3-day weekend getaway in August last year. This is what I love about Singapore actually, there are a lot of weekend places you could go to either by bus, boat or a short plane trip. Phuket is definitely one of the choices for a short holiday.

We were lucky to have scored cheap tickets via Silk Air for this trip. Airplane food for a short 2hr trip is indeed a luxury. Impressive that Silk Air has kept it this way.

McDonald's chicken is always a must when in Thailand haha. Their chicken is so much nicer than KFC.

The facial massages at Jungceylon are cheap and relaxing. The smooth fingers of those ladies caressing your face never fails to make me sleep haha. 300-350 Baht for a facial.

We played bowling which I thoroughly enjoyed. It's been at least a decade since I last played bowling. Not surprisingly, I suck haha. Alfian is naturally good in any sport.

Another must try is the No. 6 restaurant that serves authentic and cheap thai food. There is ALWAYS a queue so make sure to come early before lunch and dinner hours.

Aaahhh the beach. What I like about patong beach is that you can rent the sun loungers. The beach isn't exactly Boracay levels but not bad for a short plane ride away from Singapore.

Some snacks being peddled at the beach. Bargain because they can really jack up the price.

I've been to Phuket a few times but this was the first time for me to go to Phuket Fantasea. We booked 2 tickets with a tour agent, the ones you find along the street - paid 2,600 Baht for 2 people (show + buffet). She picked us up at our hotel and dropped us at the venue. Now I found this a bit strange because she gave us 3,100 baht to buy the actual tickets at the entrance. Not sure what kind of arrangement they have with Fantasea. What if we just ran away with her money and never watched the show? Haha.

The place was not bad. Alfian said it looked better since the last time he visited several years back.

This was the buffet restaurant. They serve Halal food as well for our muslim friends.

The buffet dining hall was massive! I mean really! But surprisingly it was very organized plus the food choices were pretty good to be honest. Not bad for the price we paid, considering it included the show, buffet and transport to and from the venue to our hotel.

The theater itself was also massive! The show was very impressive I must say! It was a musical, animal show, magic show, pyrotechnics show and cirque-du-solei-ish acrobatic show all rolled into one. I really hope the Philippines will take after Thailand's efforts. I cannot see why our country can't come up with something similar when we have the talent and capacity to do something like this..

You can take your photos wearing the traditional thai costume which was very elaborate. Beautiful.

These dolls are a bit creepy haha. Cute though and would be nice to give away as souvenirs even to adults.

I'm quite sure I've featured this store before that sells the "Best" sticky rice and mango. I wouldn't really say it's the best but it wasn't bad.

That's pretty much it! Short getaway to recharge one's self to face the fast-paced work environment in Singapore once again.

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