Friday, January 24, 2014

Jamie's Italian Restaurant, Singapore

Jamie's Italian opened here in Singapore at Vivo City last July 2013. Luckily, my office is just next door so I had the chance to eat here last December. As an avid fan of the Food Network, I really looked forward to eating here.

Lunch time is always packed and we were lucky we only had to wait around 15 mins before getting our seat.  I love the interior! It feels very homey. Casual chic, not really intimidating.

Looking at the menu, I spotted "Manila Clams". I didn't even know there are such clams haha. But I felt proud seeing "Manila" on the menu haha.

Price point is not so bad I would say. Normal restaurant price, a little on the higher side. That was expected though given this is a celebrity chef restaurant. Although, the good thing is they offer 2 sizes - "tasting" portion and the regular portion. I wonder how small the "tasting" portion is as their serving size is not really that big - maybe if you're on a diet or a small eater.

The friendly waiter suggested we try their house lemonade which he claims is the best in town! They should hire more waiters like him who can salestalk haha. I wouldn't really say it's the best I've tasted because how much better can lemonade taste haha. It wasn't bad though.

We tried the Fried Three-Cheese Gnocchi which come with an arrabbiata dip. It was very good actually! Something like a pasta ball with filling.

The lasagna with roasted squash was my favorite but unfortunately wasn't my order haha. I love that it came with wild rocket salad on top. A good way to sneak in fresh vegetables with your pasta.

My colleague had the Sicilian Tuna Fusilli which came with the breadcrumb topping. This was also good and the portion size was bigger than the others.

I had the Mortadella & Ricotta Panzerotti because I wanted to try something different from the usual pasta. Such a fancy name! haha. Basically it was ravioli filled with cheese and chicken. The portion was the smallest but was quite filling as well.

Finally, we had dessert - which I forgot what it was haha. I do remember it was good and refreshing, perfect for sharing.

Expect to spend around $50 per person if you eat appetizer, main and dessert. Click here for the full menu and official website. Jamie must be so damn rich by now haha. I remember when I was in Target in Gold Coast Australia he had a full line of kitchen ware and utensils. Plus, according to the website, Jamie's Italian has over 30 restaurants worldwide. I'm jealous.

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