Saturday, January 11, 2014

Here's to more travels this 2014!

Happy New Year Everyone! It's another year of chasing our dreams, working hard, and hopefully more travels! :-) I've given up on making resolutions as I forget them as soon as I complete the list haha, so instead of that, I came up with a travel fund plan instead.

Early last year, I  bought this "piggy bank" that looks like a luggage. I haven't used it since so now is the perfect time to use it for this travel fund. Inspired by the 52-week money challenge that I've been seeing on Facebook, I came up with my own plan and modified it to make it achievable and realistic.

The plan is to start with S$2.50 on the 1st week and the amount basically compounds week by week. At the end of 52 weeks, you should have a whopping S$3,445! That's amazing right! That should definitely be enough for a European trip or perhaps your honeymoon if you're getting married. If you do this with your wife, husband, partner, bf, gf, fiancee or travel buddy, then both of you will have close to S$7K at the end of 2014!

Send me a message through my email if you want a copy of the excel file. I converted it to Singapore dollars as I live in Singapore. You can actually modify the amount as you wish to suit your income or budget. I am on week 2 now and so freaken excited! hehehe.

This year, I plan to go on several trips as usual starting with Cebu in the Philippines this February. My renter actually terminated her rental contract early (sad) so I have to help my mom with the inventory and I took it as a chance to go on a short holiday at the same time. In April, I was planning to go to the US with friends but because of an important work event in end-April, I have yet to confirm that. Nevertheless, our Cambodia trip in May is confirmed. A planned trip to Germany and Switzerland in October is also in place and hopefully some smaller trips here and there haha.

With all that said, it only means another year of working even hardER! Work hard but travel hardER! :-) Wishing you all the best and even a more prosperous new year this 2014!

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