Sunday, January 12, 2014

Oh Phuket!

I was in Phuket in May and August last year. This post is for our trip in May with my housemates. Our first trip together! We have always wanted to go on a trip since moving in together in Aug 2012 so we were happy we finally got to do it.

L-R: Rachel, Lenin, Krizia and Alfian
We were very lucky that SilkAir was on sale when we booked our tickets so it sure was a grand way to spend our first trip together.

We hired this mini bus at the Airport and luckily there were 5 of us which meant we had this mini bus all to ourselves. It was Kri's first time in Phuket so we were excited for her.

The hotel messed up our booking. We initially were booked for Rayaburi Beach Club but we got transferred to their other hotel Rayaburi Patong. It was actually a blessing that they messed up our booking as this hotel was a stone's throw away from Patong beach plus it was walking distance to Bangla Road and Jungceylon. Rayaburi Beach Club, although it is right in front of the beach, was VERY far from Bangla and Jungceylon.

Plus, our rooms were huge! We got 2 connecting rooms plus they gave us free breakfast and dinner for the "hassle".

After a few photos and settling in, we headed out for late dinner. Nothing beats authentic Thai food!


Where else would you go for after dinner drinks but the (in)famous Bangla Road! Parteh Parteh!

Breakfast the next day. Love that it was Al fresco style.

Heading out to the beach!!!

We were lucky we got to take photos and hang out a bit as the storms quickly formed then it started to rain... bummer!

I am so glad there is Jungceylon! haha. It's like my default go-to place once you're done at the beach and you just want a feel of city life shopping haha.

At night, we had drinks at the hotel. Alf actually found an iPhone at the Changi Airport lounge when we were departing for Phuket. We got in touch with the owner and they collected the phone at our hotel lobby. They gave us a bottle of wine as a sign of gratitude :-).

We went out for more food and drinks. The crepes / pancakes they sell on the road are really good and cheap! And of course, how can you not have mango sticky rice when in Thailand...

The next morning while the girls did the boat tour / island hopping, Alf and I hung out at the beach some more before it started to rain again. Argh, the weather wasn't cooperating. It was around May that time and rainy season was starting early I guess.

There are 2 huge facial salons at Jungceylon which are very cheap. I always seem to get a facial when I'm in Phuket as it's expensive here in Singapore. Plus, the ladies who do the facials have such smooth hands the facial feels like an orgasm hahaha.

Does anyone know someone from McDonalds here in Singapore and tell them to please sell the McDonalds chicken here? I swear, I love it better than KFC.

We had dinner at the hotel and surprisingly they had one of the best Pad Thais we have ever tasted in Phuket.

Perfect! hahaha

Some crazy funny guys we bumped into...

Look for Anahita Massage right beside Rayaburi Patong Hotel for the best massage! Apart from the food, it's the cheap massages that I really miss in Phuket!

After that really relaxing massage, we had to stress ourselves up with drinks and debauchery in Bangla road hahaha.

Well well well, looks like Kri was having fun hahaha...

This photo above has such a funny story behind it that it will forever be one of the funniest stories until we grow old haha. Thing is after eating the crepes in the photo, Kri had to go to the bathroom so badly that she hurriedly left us and frantically looked for a bathroom haha. She said she had to go so bad she thought she was going to faint haha! epic!

Aww, going home always sucks. But look at how neat their airport is, it is no Changi Airport but definitely much better than our pathetic NAIA Terminal 1. I did read news about its rehabilitation and makeover which I really hope would materialize and not be delayed or compromised by corruption. I long for the day we would have a world-class airport to lure more tourists.

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