Friday, January 24, 2014

Mad for Garlic

I've never heard of this restaurant prior to eating here. It was our friend Ryz who suggested we eat her for our Pre-Christmas dinner last December. I also wanted to check out the new wing of Suntec so off we went.

I learned through their website that Mad For Garlic actually originated from Korea and is an Italian restaurant that specializes in garlic dishes. Wow. An Italian Korean restaurant. Now THAT is unique haha.

I love the interior design of the place! They really imbibed the garlic theme haha. Look at the lighting! I suppose those are fake garlic else it would take so much effort to change them periodically. I also love that the space between the seats are generous. It didn't feel cramped and you could still enjoy your "privacy" while having your meal.

L-R: Me, Rz and Alf

We had this for appetizer. Something like oven-baked garlic in olive oil, topped with cheese. VERY good if you love garlic. It was perfect with the bread and definitely unique. I've never seen nor tried this dish anywhere else before.

This was my heavenly order. SO DAMN GOOD. The steak was perfectly cooked - medium well, and the garlic rice was OMG!! If you love garlic rice and its strong taste you will definitely love this dish. 10/10!!! hahaha.

Alf and Ryz had the pasta and steak combo which was not bad as well but I prefer my main haha. There's nothing like meat and rice with loads of garlic haha.

Even the dessert had  a garlic theme! No, there wasn't any garlic in the cake if that's what you're thinking haha. I can't remember if this was tiramisu. Not bad.

Click here for the menu and official website. Expect to spend around $50 if you eat appetizer, main and dessert. I will definitely go back here. I LOVE garlic and I can't wait to try ALL their special garlic dishes hahaha.

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