Sunday, January 18, 2009

Shiraz Restaurant, Clarke Quay

After dinner & drinks with Carissa at Orchard Road, I took her to Clarke Quay to see the nightlife in Singapore. We decided to stay at Shiraz Restaurant since they had available seats outside.

We ordered "Hummus " (S$9.00) and some pita bread to chow on while filling our bodies with even more alcohol, haha. The bread was really tough and the hummus so-so. Quite bad, actually.

It was good though we chose this place as there was belly dancing. This lady really knows how to gyrate that belly! She was so flexible!

They handed us some drums to add to the music of the belly dancer. I was slightly embarrased but it was fun.

So that was my introductory tour of Singapore to Carissa. We weren't able to do much since she had to go home before midnight, else be scolded by her friend who is hosting her stay here in Singapore. Till the next night out...

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