Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cross Straits Restaurant, Cuppage Terrace

Last Saturday, Jan. 17, I met my friend, Carissa, who came from the Philippines & Dubai. I met her 6 years ago in my second job in a call centre in the Philippines and I remember we used to hang out a lot with our other colleagues - brings back so many fun memories.

It's her first time here in Singapore so of course, I had to take her to Orchard Road. We decided to have dinner at S-11 at cuppage terrace besides Robinson's centrepoint but when we got there I was so surprised to find out they replaced it with rows of very nice restos, much to our delight.

We chose Cross Straits from a myriad of other restos offering different kinds of food from mexican to asian, etc. I had to let her taste signature singaporean dishes since this is her first time here.

We ordered "Seafood Mee Goreng" - stir-fried noodle dish. The noodles looked a bit soggy but the taste was really good, so I didn't really mind.

And of course, we ordered "Chicken & Beef Satay" - barbecued chicken & beef with peanut sauce. Also good. The meat was tender, perfect with the sweet & spicy peanut sauce.

We also ordered "Stingray" - fish smothered with sambal chili. This was ok. I prefer the usual stingray served on a sizzling dish as this quickly went cold after a while.

Lastly, "Yang Chow Fried Rice" - stir-fried rice with egg and veggies. Carissa preferred this rice dish over the noodle dish. It was perfect with the other dishes.

The owner (I assume he is), above pic with his back turned, was really friendly and hospitable. He made sure service was quick and attended to all the customers. I hope he keeps it this way for the long-run because I assume the place is fairly new.
Our dinner came up to S$46.80, including taxes. Very cheap for a resto in an expensive area.

So after catching up on dinner we went to a nearby bar along orchard to get some drinks and wash down our guilt with more guilt in the form of alcohol, haha. I was so amused to find this low carb beer called "Pure Blonde". Is it supposed to be for dumb blondes who don't eat carbs? haha kidding. Ok, that was corny :P

Carissa & I. She is still the heavy drinker that I know of from 6 years ago, hahaha. Lav ya carissa! Peace! ;)

Read my next blog as I took her to Clarke Quay, to catch up some more and what do you know, more drinks!

By the way, here is my rating for Cross Straits-
Ambiance - 4.5
Service - 5.0
Food - 4.0
Presentation - 2.5
Value for Money - 4.5
Cross Straits Restaurant
35 Cuppage Terrace, 229459
"Live, Love & Eat!"


Anonymous said...

wow,i never knew that you took this blog seriouly. until i found myself in it(i apologize for the narcissism).hahah. in all truth, it is impressive. you could be a food critic of some famous magazine. you give a detailed account of the things that people need to know sans the boredom. applause! applause! applause! or better yet, hail! hail!

Shan Abellaneda said...

haha! are u being honest or ur just saying that because were friends haha. but thanks for the compliment.. i do hope some foodie magazine picks up on my blog.. anyone?? haha

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