Friday, January 16, 2009


The story of Harvey Milk (1930-1978), the San Francisco supervisor and first openly gay elected official in the United States, who was assassinated along with Mayor George Moscone by Daniel White the year after he was voted to the city supervisors' board. (

We watched this film on a Tuesday night. Normally, I don't go out on weekdays but Zach wanted to see this movie biography.

Ok, so what can I say about this movie? No doubt the storyline is remarkable, relevant and outstanding. Harvey Milk is truly a hero in his own right. I wish there were more Harvey Milks nowadays. The movie will really inspire you to fight your own fight, may it be in politics, at work, at home, or whatever you are fighting for in life. The message of the movie encompasses sex or race, whether gay or straight.

It is sad though that gay people will always be discriminated. That is a known fact. Harvey Milk's plight to fight for gay rights is a monumental act, especially during those days.

In terms of the delivery of the movie, I just hope they made it more "catchy". It was a bit slow and boring in some parts. Though I understand it's not really supposed to be an action movie but I don't know, that's just my 2 cents. Zach said I'm shallow for being bored in some parts but hey I'm just being honest. After all, I was awake the whole time which means it was enough to keep me glued but not enough for me to rave about it.

My rating for Milk is 3/5.

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