Monday, January 26, 2009

Aston's Specialities, East Coast Road

Last Jan. 24, the first day of my 4day weekend, we decided to go somewhere different and eat something special (as usual I have to find an excuse to do so haha). Zach came up with the idea of Steak. The first resto that came to my mind was Aston's since I remember I tried some of their food before at Aston's express here in NUS (already closed now).

So we googled Aston's and found the nearest branch to my place, which is on East Coast Road. We were mighty hungry so we quickly took a cab since it wasn't really that far anyway.

Aston's on East Coast Road is probably one of the first few branches since it looked kinda shabby. Half was open-air and half was airconditioned. And what do you know, we were seated at the open area.

We skipped looking at everything else on the Menu and went straight to the Steaks. Prices were not so bad. Most of the steaks were below S$20, aside from the Porterhouse and Ribs.

Now call me naive because when the waiter asked me whether I wanted "Still" or "Sparkling" mineral water, I said "Regular" hahaha. Just give me damn water, who cares whether it's shining shimmering splendid, haha. But seriously, that was added knowledge for me.

For starters, we both had "Cream of Mushroom Soup" (S$2.80). The server didn't even bother to flip my garlic bread as it was upside down when served to me. I just flipped it for photo purposes. Aside from that, the soup tasted fine.

We both had "Prime Ribeye Xtra Cut" (S$16.50). Zach had his medium-well with onion rings & baked potato.

I had mine medium-rare with Baked Potato & Garden Veggies. Now the server made another boo-boo as he served me my steak with just the potato, then told me "Sorry sir, no more pasta salad". Duhh, should'nt have he asked me that before he served my order. So I said I'll just have the garden veggies. 5 minutes later he comes back with the plate of veggies and he didn't know what to do with it so I just slid the veggies beside the baked potato (as seen in pic), then gave him back the plate.

Also, if you look closely at my plate, the sides were dirty. Food Preparation rule #1 is to clean the sides of the plate before serving it to your guest. Anyone, and I mean anyone, in the food business should know this.

In fairness, the steak was cooked well. I could tell the difference between my medium-rare steak and Zach's medium-well one. It tasted ok but we felt something was missing, don't exactly know what. I think it was because the gravy made the steak taste better when steaks alone should taste great on their own.

To sum up our Aston's experience, I was a bit disappointed. I was expecting more from Aston's given that it was top of my mind when it comes to steaks. At least the steaks were affordable, other places would definitely cost you more.

Here is my rating for Aston's:
Ambiance - 2.0
Service - 2.0
Food - 3.0
Presentation - 2.0
Value for Money - 3.5

Address:119 East Coast Road
Tel: 6247 7857

P.S. Almost beside Aston's was a shop selling Peranakan treats. We grabbed some to eat for dessert :-)

"Live, Love & Eat!"

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