Saturday, January 10, 2009

Seven Pounds

Ben Thomas (Will Smith) is an IRS agent who is depressed and guilt-ridden about the mistakes from his past. He embarks on an extraordinary journey to alter the lives of seven strangers. When he meets Emily (Rosario Dawson), a beautiful woman with a heart condition, he falls in love with her, thereby complicating his plans.

I've come to a point that when I watch movies I don't stress anymore on the nitty gritty details of the movie. One way or the other there will always be loopholes or some form of ambiguity in any movie. Just like this movie, I didn't bother to count or identify anymore who were those seven people that Will's character helped out.

Anyway, I saw mixed reviews (mostly bad reviews) of this film on the net. But I still prodded Zach to watch this movie even if he so wanted to watch Bedtime Stories (Adam Sandler). And I can say that I liked the movie. I wasn't jumping up and down but I liked it. The storyline was really subtle and mellow yet thought-provoking and intense. If you're the type who likes explosive, action-packed, matrix-ish movies then don't watch this. I find this movie current and controversial, especially nowadays where so much chaos (think Gaza and Thailand) is happening around the world.

I'm not going to reveal any spoilers but I really liked the clincher in this movie. It made up for most of the movie's subtlety. Hey, I am no film critic and I am very well aware of that. I just blog and review movies according to my own taste and preference :-)

My rating for "Seven Pounds" is 3/5.

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