Monday, January 26, 2009

Da Paolo Gastronomia , Paragon Place

After lunch at East Coast Rd, we headed to Orchard Road since I had to go to Lucky Plaza to do some chores. Walking around sure burns those calories so we had to load up, hahaha. We were only intending to grab some drinks at Marketplace when we chanced upon this glorious place in Paragon.

I wandered around while waiting for Zach to buy his drink and spotted this shop. And boy was I happy I wandered around! I define De Paolo Gastronomia as a gourmet delicatessen (from the German word "delikat Essen"- ‘fine foods’) since they serve prepared food in the form of cold cuts, meat, pasta & pastry, that are not the usual finds.

I really felt like a kid with eyes wide-open amazed at the wonderful selection, hahaha. There were so many good food that I wanted to try and I swear to high heavens the next time I get hungry, this is where I will go!

Zach chose the "Salmon Pizza" (S$7.00) with generous dill sauce topping. Woooowwww is all I can say. The salmon covered most of the pizza and it was perfect with the dill, added a bit saltiness.

My only rant is that I find the pizza a bit overcooked (as seen in photo above) as the crust was already slightly burnt. Zach loved it though, he says the crispier the better.

I chose the "Lemon Curd Chocolate Cake" (S$8.00). This was more like a mousse actually instead of a cake. The lemon curd was very little and I think they should have added more of it to balance out the sweetness. It was too sweet we weren't able to finish it.

No rating since this isn't exactly a restaurant. BUT, I saw in their website that they actually have restaurants under the "De Paolo" group of companies, now that I have to check out.

Paragon Place
290 Orchard Road #B1-20
Singapore 238859
Tel: 6738 1462

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