Sunday, December 7, 2008

Singapore Zoo, Singapore

Thank God for a 4-day weekend! I filed leave on a Friday then the coming Monday is a public holiday.

So we decided to go to the Singapore Zoo on a nice Friday afternoon. It wasn't blaring hot but it wasn't raining either, just perfect. For those who wish to travel to Singapore and visit the zoo, you can take the MRT to Ang Mo Kio Station then take bus 138 directly to the Zoo.

Beautiful Swans

The super cute and cuddly white polar bear

The Rhino's back side haha

I bet you didn't know that (I also didn't haha)

Good Cheetah...

Zach and his cousins, hehehe

Wow look how big an ostrich egg is compared to a normal egg

The Animal Show at the Ampitheatre

Off to Madagascar!!

More trivia...

Off-road driving (a stationary truck haha)

The "infamous" white tigers (remember the tragic news?)

Water too cold...

King Cobra

Rattle Snake

Anaconda (it looks bigger in reality)

I forgot the name of this humongous snake but it's the biggest darn snake I have ever seen

Next time you see a crocodile don't forget to bring a rubber band

Kampong House Replica - at first I thought, what was this house doing here out of nowhere, then I realized it was a replica...

Didn't I tell you to wash my clothes with TIDE, and only with TIDE? hehehe

Grandma, can you please move? there's so much space on the sofa hehehe

So that was our Zoo experience. It was really fun I must say. Quite tiring with all the walking but not to worry because there's a tram you can take (we chose not to so we can get some exercise and really see everything). If you plan to visit the zoo, make sure to go early as it will take a good half-day to get around the whole place.

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