Tuesday, December 30, 2008

DAYS 9-10 Philippines Trip, Dec.19-28, 2008

On Saturday, Dec. 27th, I had late lunch with my ex-officemates Maymay & Vanessa. Since I truly missed Cibo, we decided to eat there at their branch in Trinoma. Trinoma is one of the newest malls in the North of Manila, which I must say I really liked.

For startes, we had "Spinaci Zola" (P218, around S$7.03) - spinach & gorgonzala dip with crispy bread. A must try! This was and still is my favorite!

For pasta, we had "Linguine Al Nero Di Seppia" (P225, around S$7.26) - Squid, squid-ink, extra-virgin olive oil, anchovy, capers. This was really bland. Plus, there were so little squid I almost forgot it was a seafood pasta dish if not for the black squid ink.

We also had, "Pizza Parmigiano" (P325, around S$10.48). This was also super bland. Just by looking at it you can already tell it tastes like nothing. Thank god for the spinach dip which I spread on top of this tasteless pizza.

Lastly, we had "Linguine alla Ghiotta" (P298, around S$9.61) - Mushrooms, stab, bacon, cream. I don't know if there was something wrong with my tastebuds that time but this was as equally bland as the other dishes.

I was quite disappointed with Cibo actually. I remember the last time I ate at cibo a few years back in Powerplant Mall, I truly enjoyed their pasta. Oh well, some good things must come to an end. I hope they do something about this.

Maymay (Left) & Vanessa (Right)
Two of the most real & genuine people I have ever met, awwww. hehehe

For dinner, I really wanted to go to Spiral at the Philippine Plaza hotel but my cousins were lazy to go all the way there. So we settled for Saisaki, a japanese buffet restaurant on West Ave.

For P580 bucks (around S$18.71), I must say it was truly worth it. The choices were plenty and they also had filipino dishes aside from Japanese.

Lechon! (again)

I wanted to have a taste of the turkey but I forgot...

As in most filipino restaurants, a group of singers would serenade those who celebrate their birthday or simply wanted to make a song request.


More Yum!!!

I looovveee Salmon!

After our hearty dinner, we went to a nearby comedy club and melted the calories we ate by laughing all night, haha.

The next day I was headed back to Singapore. Sigh. It's always so hard to go back to reality after a very worthwhile and long holiday break with people you love. I think this vacation was one of the most memorable in my life.

But not to worry, as I remember I was still flying business class on the way back hehehe. Picture above is the buffet spread at the PAL Mabuhay Lounge at the airport.

Free-flow of drinks at the Bar

I've had too much to eat the past days so I just decided to have fruit and some of the spinach pasta, which was really good. Way better than Cibo!

Their jurassic PC terminal at the lounge

For my last hurrah, I had the Chicken Inasal.

I was so tired I actually fell asleep almost the same instant I sat down. I think I missed the tapas because the steward served me appetizer right away. Bummer!! hehe

A different take on Chicken Inasal but not bad at all.

Time to ponder and soul search...

Til the next travel blog... Back to work and back to reality. I hope you guys had fun looking through my pics as much as I had fun reliving the memories.

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