Sunday, December 7, 2008

Shokudo - Streets of Japan, The Heeren Shops

After a tiring but fun day at the Zoo, we had dinner at the Heeren Shops at the Orchard. It actually took us a while to decide where to eat but since we saw Shokudo is already open at the Heeren, we (or shall I say, I) decided to eat there.

Shokudo reminds me of the now closed "Streetlife" in Manila, where you get a card to charge all your food purchases and pay for them upon check-out. The difference is that Shokudo is an all-japanese dining experience (and prices are a bit more expensive).

For appetizer, we had "Chicken Teriyaki Salad" (around S$8, I lost the receipt). Quite pricey for a salad but good nonetheless. I just wish the dressing tasted more asian - you know that honey, soy sauce & sesame oil kind of dressing. Plus, I wish they used better greens, iceberg lettuce is not exactly worth 8 dollars (plus taxes and service charge).

Zach had the "Seafood Hotpot Soup" (around S$9). I really liked this soup! It was mildly spicy and there was a lot of seafood - clams, shrimp, squid and salmon. Moreover, it was good for 2 people.

I had the "Japanese-style Salmon & Onion Omelette" (around S$6). This one I realllyyy loved! The japanese mayo plus those dry stuff on top (can someone tell what it is?) really complement the omelette. Plus there was a lot of salmon stuffing.

For dessert, we had this japanese ice-concocted creation (around S$8), hehe sorry I forgot the name. The red beans were really tender but a bit too sweet. The green tea ice cream was really yummy. A perfect way to cap off a yummy japanese meal.

All in all, I enjoyed Shokudo. I love the idea of having a charge card and choosing from a wide array of Japanese food. Plus the ambiance added to the experience. Zach didn't like the food, but he is such a choosy eater he will only generally eat malay and indian food so his rating doesn't count hehehe.

The only thing I don't like is that the waiters are too eager to clear your table (as anywhere in Singapore). I'm sure their intention is to keep your table clean but a part of me is saying management told them to do that to drop you a hint to get up and vacate your table for others to use.

Here is my rating for Shokudo:

Ambiance - 5.0
Service - 4.0
Food - 4.5
Presentation - 5.0
Value for Money - 4.0


Shokudo Streets of Japan
260 Orchard Road
#B1-01 The Heeren
Singapore 238855

"Live, Love & Eat!"


Anonymous said...

i think those brown flakes (on your omelette)you are refering to are BONITO FLAKES. they are shavings of smoked tuna. very delicious indeed :)

Shan Abellaneda said...

thanks so much anonymous! ive been wondering for so long what it was but i knew it was some kind of fish :-)

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