Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Chicken Rice Shop, Vivo City

On the 2nd day of my 4-day weekend, we headed to Vivo City since we haven't been there in a while. Surprisingly, at this time of year, there were a lot of stores on Sale. That's the one thing I love about the Singapore shopping scene - there is always a sale somewhere any time of the year.

For dinner, we were intending to go to Carousel to binge, haha. But after our conscience got the best of us, we decided to go to The Chicken Rice Shop instead.

The Chicken Rice Shop is actually a Malaysian food chain. I've eaten here before and I remember enjoying their food. But Zach has never tried their chicken rice - in the end, he was grateful I introduced this shop to him :-P

We had the twin feast, sorry for the blurry zoomed pic (S$29.90). We chose "Pai Tee, Gado Gado, Steamed Chicken, and TCRS Honey BBQ Chicken" plus the other inclusions "Pak Choy, Sai To Fish Balls, Rice, Soup and Pepsi.

The soup and rice were verryyy flavourful. You can really taste the flavourful chicken stock.

We ordered additional "Wanton Soup" (S$5) - very refreshing and light plus the wanton was also tasty.

"Pai Tee" was my favourite. Its "top hat" casing is like a crispy tortilla filled with vegetables. Verrryyyy appetizing! You can put some chili on top and pop the entire thing in your mouth. Love it!!!

The "Steamed and Honey BBQ Chicken" were also really good. Both had very tender and flavourful chicken. Perfect with the rice and soup.

The "Gado Gado" was basically steamed veggies and tofu with peanut sauce - not bad. The "Pak Choy" was pechay (I think) with oyster sauce. The Fish ball soup was simple in taste but good.

We both truly enjoyed The Chicken Rice Shop. Apart from getting value for your money (the twin feast was really worth it with all the dishes), you also don't feel as gulity since most of their food is steamed, roasted or mostly vegetables.

Here is my rating for The Chicken Rice Shop:
Ambiance - 3.5
Service - 4.5
Food - 5.0
Presentation - 4.0
Value for Money - 5.0
The Chicken Rice Shop
#B2-37 Vivo City
1 Harbourfront Walk
Singapore 098585

"Live, Love & Eat!"


Johann A. said...

My cousin Michael and I had the exact order, the "Twin Feast", the first time we went to Chicken Rice at Vivo City....and INDEED it was a Delicous Feast! Looking forward to eat there soon hehehe.....

Lunch is Served! said...

The food there's good, but a tad expensive for chicken rice :)

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