Sunday, September 14, 2008

Spize Supper Club/Spize Mediterranean Grill, Simpang Bedok

*Updated review on this restaurant, please click here.

Finally. It is time to review my all-time favorite in Simpang Bedok. It's actually funny because I never knew until lately that this placed is called "Spize", I just know where to find it in the market.

I love the rustic, cluttered and somewhat "dirty" atmosphere. It reminds me of the outdoor dining "good-eats" in Manila, which we call "Dampa" - where seafood is mostly sold. Plus I like the idea of just being "yourself" while enjoying your food. You know how it is when you eat at fancy restaurants - you can't speak too loud, you have to observe proper table manners, chew with your mouth closed, etc etc etc. Not that I'm saying I prefer to eat like a pig but sometimes it's good to just not care about whether you're using the right spoon or the right glass, you know what I mean?

I learned of this place from my housemate, Al, way back when we lived in Bedok. He used to take us here to eat especially after a night-out or whenever we get hungry at odd hours in the night.

It's funny I read someone else's review about Spize (as much as I want to put a link I'm afraid I can't do it, just google it - type spize singapore) and she was saying the place was too loud, the light was too dim she couldn't read the menu, and the waiter didn't know how to answer when she asked "What do you recommend?". Give me a break Ms. Prim & Proper!! You are at freaking Simpang Bedok, what do you expect??! You're not at Ritz Carlton or Raffles Hotel. It's funny how some people just think and act silly. Which reminds me of my latest favorite read - "Waiter Rants", look for it under "My Reads" in the homepage.

After you are seated, they actually offer you 2 different menus - 1 for more asian fare & the other for more western/mediterranean fare. I actually love the idea because anyone can sure find something they like.

The picture above is actually from a previous visit to Spize but I included it here anyway - "Garlic Mushroom Chicken" ($11.50) - Flame-broiled fillets complemented with sauteed garlic mushrooms and gravy served with seasonal fresh vegetables and accompanied with buttery mashed potatoes.

God someone should edit their menus haha. Anyhow, this dish was super good! Probably one of the best sizzling plate dishes I have tasted in a long time. Seriously, even the veggies were very good - tender and not over/under cooked. The gravy was very very good!

On this particular night, I ordered "Nasi Goreng Ayam" ($5.50) - Fried chicken with malay fried rice. This was also very good!! In fact, the serving was big enough for 2 people (I mean 2 regular people hehehe but maybe enough for 1 big size guy like me haha). There was a lot of rice and chicken. And the chicken was very flavourful, even without the sauce. A way for me to judge really good food is if it tastes good on its own, and this dish sure did. And for $5.50, this was very affordable.

Zach ordered the "Mee Goreng Seafood" ($5.50) - Malay-style fried noodles with seafood. Also very nice. Although there wasn't that much seafood. but the noodles itself were very tasty. Plus the texture was al dente, not under/over cooked. Again the serving was good enough to share.

Lastly, we ordered "Fried Calamari" ($10), I don't think I need to explain this because it's simply fried breaded calamari. Now this is the ultimate champion of all calamaris I have ever tasted! Very Very VERRRrrryyyy good! I love the breadcrumb coating! It was very crispy yet the squid was very tender. The kind that doesn't feel like rubber band - it tasted fresh and it popped after you bit it. Plus it also tasted good on its own. I noticed how a lot of calamari would only taste good with the tartar/mayo dip. But this one was really uber good I can't stop raving about it hehehe. Moreover, for $10 it was a steal.

Obviously, I have nothing but praise for Spize. Yes you sit on plastic chairs and there's no airconditioning but the food was great. Just a tip, I think it really helps if you come along with a malay friend because most of the waiters are Malay.

So screw those who badmouth Spize and Simpang Bedok! You can go back and eat in your pretentious fine-dining restaurants! Hehe.

Here is my rating for Spize-

Ambiance - 3.5
Service - 5.0 (The food & drinks came really quick)
Food - 5.0
Presentation - 5.0 (Considering it is outdoor casual dining)
Value for Money - 4.6

OVERALL - 4.62 (garnered highest rating as of Sept.16'08)

ADDRESS: 336/338 Bedok Road
Bedok Shopping Complex
Tel: 64453211

"Live, Love & Eat!"


Lunch is Served! said...

Wah! How I wish I stayed near Bedok :)

ayeesha said...

d grilled chix wif d mashed potato look soo appetizing!! damn,im craving for it..

oh yah, i do agreed with u tat Spize offer big portion of food..u shld try d Lasagne, Aglio Pasta, d sausage(all must try!) u will nvr regret...

Shan Abellaneda said...

lunch is served- haha :) well if u feel like it you could drive over to bedok hehe

ayeesha - im glad i found fellow fans of spize hehe. yes i love the lasagne!!! thanks for the recommendations, i will try them :)

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