Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lerk Thai Restaurant, Selegie Road

I wasn't really planning to eat out for Lunch last Saturday but since I had to wake up so early to go to the Philippine Airlines ticket office, might as well give myself a treat hehehe. I had to book my ticket going home for Christmas, as soon as possible, unless I want to end up paying an enormous ridiculous price for my ticket. Can you believe Philippine Airlines is charging almost S$1000 for economy seats??!! while Cebu Pacific is charging S$805 for economy seats as well, freaking unbelievable!!

I actually wasn't planning to go home anymore and rather save the money but thanks to my stepdad, Bob, and my Mom - they'll be giving me their miles so I could book a ticket going home. Therefore, I only end up paying around S$330 AND I get to ride in business class hehehe sweet...

I'm such a pauper :-( I can't believe I've been relying on my parents for the past 2 christmases to be able to go home... Don't worry my loving parents, as soon as I get my much needed raise I will return the favour.

Anyway, before I forget, let me get back to the food review -

I actually already saw Lerk Thai on the way to the PAL office. In fact, I already bought their spring rolls to snack on before going to PAL, hehe (see the small brown stuff in the picture above in their display rack). Not bad for $2.50/4 small pieces.

So after PAL, we decided to eat there just the same. Zach ordered "Thai Beef Kay Teow" ($7.50) - thai style noodles with beef and bean sprouts.

It was ok to me. I'm not really a good critic for thai food as I'm not too familiar but Zach says the same dish at Siam Kitchen is better.

I ordered "Suky Phad Haeng" ($7.90) - Fried traditional seafood with bee hon noodles.

I liked the texture of the bee hon, not too sticky and mushy. I've tasted bad quality bee hon before that felt like one big lump of sticky noodles. But this one was quite good, you could feel the strand of each noodle. The sweet and spicy flavour was also just right plus there were generous servings of seafood.

We also had "Pandan Leaf Chicken" ($3.00/piece) - a traditional and classic thai dish of chicken wrapped in pandan leaves. This was average, I've tasted better pandan chicken in the Philippines. I don't think the pandan leaves were fresh as it didn't give out the usual fragrant smell and taste of Pandan.

We weren't supposed to have dessert but the waitress said that for a minimum of $30 we can get 10% discount from the bill, so in essence that means getting the dessert for free. So Zach chose the "Red Ruby" dessert ($3.90) - red ruby in ice and coconut milk. I'm not sure what the Red Ruby was made of. Sorry but I didn't like this dish. I felt robbed paying almost 4 dollars for what was mostly ice.

So far, Siam Kitchen fares better than their competition. Next time I'll feature Thai Express and let's see who is the king of Thai food in Singapore.

Here is my rating for Lerk Thai -

Ambiance - 3.0
Service - 3.5
Food - 3.0
Presentation - 2.5
Value for Money - 3.0
OVERALL- 3.0/5.0

1 Selegie Road
Paradiz Centre #01-07

"Live, Love & Eat!"

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