Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mad Jack, Simpang Bedok

One of my most favorite eating places is a hidden market place in Bedok, called "Bedok Market Place" or more fondly referred to as "Simpang Bedok". I actually don't know why it took me this long to post it on my blog.

Before I feature Simpang Bedok (in another blog), we wanted to try this interesting place called "Mad Jack", just right beside the bedok market.

Good thing they were open till 12 midnight coz we already got there past 11pm on a Friday night (very late dinner coz we went to the gym, YES you heard me right, back to the gym after a long hiatus hehe).

Their menu boasts of authentic australian fare. We decided to have the "Fish & Chips" ($7.90) - authentic aussie style w/ crispy batter and chunky fillet.

Now I was hungry and looking forward to a good meal on a Friday night - and Mad Jack sure ruined it. The fish was so bland. It absorbed so much oil and it tasted like nothing - for some reason I couldn't even taste the fish. It felt like they just dipped the fish in flour and fried it, with no salt or even pepper. The tartar sauce couldn't even rescue it. At least the fries were great.

We also had the "Chicken Baked Rice" ($6.90), another futile attempt to rescue the fish and chips. The cheese and butter were too overpowering, and the chicken was so scarce.

This has got to be one of the worst meals I have ever had in a long time. At least their service was pretty good, the waiter and owner very friendly and accomodating. Now if they could only improve on the food.

Here is my rating for Mad Jack-

Ambiance - 3.0
Service - 4.0
Food - 0.5
Presentation - 3.0
Value for Money - 1.0
OVERALL - 2.3/5.0

304 Bedok Road
Singapore 469463

"Live, Love, & Eat!"

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