Sunday, September 21, 2008


From the director of "The Hills have Eyes" (2006), comes "Mirrors" - Kiefer Sutherland plays Ben Carson, a NYPD ex-cop turned night security guard at the burnt ruins of the Mayflower department store. He discovers something strange in the store's mirrors, which seem to force people to harm or even kill, both themselves and their loved ones.

I had gone back to Philippine Airlines this morning to finally collect my ticket so we decided to watch a movie, since we were in town anyway. I also remember seeing the trailer and was very eager to watch it. Unfortunately, that eagerness soon turned into disgust.

If only I had known then that this movie was directed by the same director of "The Hills have Eyes", then I wouldn't have bothered to see it. It was boring, unrealistic and was just as worse as its predecessor. To me, it seemed like"The House on Haunted Hill" meets "Night of the Living Dead". Terrible. A total waste of 8 dollars.

I also found out this movie was actually a remake from a korean horror flick in 2003 entitled "Into the Mirror". What's up with hollywood and all these remakes of asian films?? Are they running out of ideas? I admit though that some, if not most, remakes I do like as they add that "sophistication and grandeur" of hollywood but this movie was clearly an exception. I wonder if the original film was any better...

Can you actually believe I fell asleep watching this supposed "horror" movie?! AND in the early afternoon?!! That's how boring it was. I didn't even bother to understand the plot on why the stupid mirrors were making the people kill themselves.

More so, I can't believe some people rated this movie with "A's" & "B's" in yahoo movie review. Goodness.

For this lousy movie, my rating is 0.5/5.0
(At least give them credit for trying)

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